So they can revive heros?

So knocked 2 heros and then both get revived I get 79 points for that. Nope no more wars wow dont know what fool thought hey here is a good idea but nope will not happen again sad I like this game but I will not play when this crap is allowed. Wow just wow.

That’s Albie for you. One of the top heroes for good reason.
There are limits on his special in war though. If a hero is dead at the beginning of the attack, then even if revived and assuming that the defense wins, the revival won’t carry over to the next attack.

Because of this the Run button is actually a viable tactic in the wars. Scoring is by damage done, so if you’re close to dying and Albie or another healer on the defense is about to use their special, then fleeing immediately so they don’t get those points back can be a good move.


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