So since we are all talking about nerfs and buffs... What about Ranvir and Wu, the blind duo? 🍿

Evil question, the normal attack up, attack up, and gambler’s buff all stack right? Like if I were to have a Ranvir, Miki, and Boldtusk, all three could be activated and just have everyone do crazy damage (with obvious accuracy reduction)?


Neither have a costume yet?

That’s how things get a

in these here parts

You can, but Miki an Co. have a limit on how far the attack stat can be buffed.

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I used Ranvir for YEARS (literally) until recently I got costume Wilbur. It’s been a huge relief to not miss.

I believe he’s obtainable in ha7 but not sure his costume will come too in ha.
Can anyone confirm?

Sadly no 3-4* Atlantis heroes available in HA at all as yet.

Wu’s costume is terrible. If his costume were a buff like, for instance, Black Knight’s, he’d be ok.

What would u like me to fix? The fact you have to do a pull to get a costume for a hero that still will be blind af ( ne now just needs reading glasses after the costume gets put on )
They are nerfing and buffing everything else why spend money on a pull when they can just fix it.

Ffs they nerf and buff more than I get nerfed and buffed… :smiling_imp:


Haha, sorry didn’t know Wu has been “fixed”

Yeah they nerf. I think they have too, or someone gets to report the imbalance to the odds police :joy:

Do they buff tho? Do they really?

Or do they rather…
Garnish new releases to make them more appetizing?

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They nerf harder than they buff… Ffs that sounds so wrong

I feel bad for them honestly. Oh! Should put this in the honesty thread :joy:

Creep Road crossed the border of putting legendary cards in the epic odds last year.

So… if they have to stuff 7* in the legendary odds, the end result is…

The portals are all bloated…
And the forum belly aches from it.

8* are coming
And poor Wu… well…
We can’t have him, or any other old card for that matter, competing with new income projects.

It’s a rock
And a hard place

Should have made that actual 6* hero when they had the chance

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I know. The attack cap’s something like 100% to 120%? I figured that plus +48% from Boldtusk and then however much Wu Kong adds. Unless that’s across the board? Or does Wu Kong’s buff replace Tarlak’s/Miki’s now?

Yes that all stacks as far as i can tell i use ranvir and miki often with other attack buffs and seems to stack like crazy i believe there is a limit but does stack

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As long as you take your heroes to final ascension, all is good.

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You can also boost damage without boosting A by adding a crit chance booster like Gregorian or Glenda who adds percentage to your special’s damage. None of this take colors or mana speed into account, but you could probably come up with a team that just boosts things to an absurd degree. Sounds good for the Mythic Titan that can’t have it’s D dropped. :+1:

I used Wu’s costume all the time actually. I emblemed and LB’d him for the costume side. I found a AoE in yellow that just hits hard was rare and Wu’s costume filled that role. Li Xiu, Hu Tao, Danzaburo (sword special), and Justice hit like wet noodles.

Granted there are others abilities linked to their specials, but some times you just need everything hit hard all at once, those 4 all sucked for that.


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How do you keep Bertulf alive vs 14* titans? I assume vs Green you can take Wilbur and benefit from the Spirit Link, what about the rest? Even LBd and +20 with the +def flag, I assume he’s dropping in 1 hit
Do you revive him with items or?

Time stops and the like can help out.

True, and revive scrolls but both are pretty expensive material-wise if your stringing that level titan given you see a new one daily. Just saying be ready to farm I guess! I hate farming, definitely a turn off for me :laughing:


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