So since we are all talking about nerfs and buffs... What about Ranvir and Wu, the blind duo? 🍿

Everyone has been focused on all the pretty shiny new Heroes. But everyday we all have Titans. And those that don’t have Miki or tarlak have to use one of the helen keller twins, old reference deal with it. When you going to fix their vision and aim??


100% agree - the poor mans Titan Hero of choice (Wu Kong) does need to be fixed to help balance out the scoring for F2P and C2P gamers etc

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Ecactly my point…cheers


My Wu sits now for Bertulf. When a 3 star becomes a better choice than a 4 when they are both filling the same role something is wrong


I couldnt even pull him lol


especially when the 3* is much less accessible than the 4*!

agree with all that has been said above…

should the harder-to-get heroes like Miki and Tarlak still be a bit better? yes, sure. But not THAT much better, the gap shouldn’t be so wide :slight_smile:


Things have become so insane on this forum that I legitimately thought for a second that this thread was asking to nerf Wukong. :joy:


Wu Kong and Ranivr are fine: remember that in 4* raid tournaments, if Wu Kong is in the defense, the defense heroes almost never miss, so let’s not make it worse :smiley:

And anyway they illustrate the RNG that is in the game. High risk/cost, low rewards (your attackers almost always miss, RNG #expletive# you almost every time).

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You answered your question in the last three words when you said ~

Deal with it!

The big question is: is their special a team buff or nerf :rofl:

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Listen we have a solution… It’s called Bertulf. Seriously, I use him limit broken OVER ranvir except VS purple and I fight 14*s.

I’d like to see an improvement to Wu / Ranvir, but I don’t see buffs to anything but new realistic in the current SGG money grabbing balancing system.


I upgraded from The Wu to Ranvir when he popped in one of the first ToLs. I do think he was an upgrade, my scores went up.

Anyways, my point was I can appreciate the Tarlaks, Mikis, Gazalles, and Bertulfs are better, but I can’t actually process in my mind how it must feel to use them. After 4 years I have never had a titan specialist that doesn’t miss. It doesn’t upset me because it’s just how my world exists :laughing:. It always has and likely always will.

I have same the same reaction to the other ones as people must have had when they first heard about an airplane or something. You understand the words they’re telling you, but the actual comprehension of feeling is just so foreign you can’t really appreciate or wrap your mind around it.

I do use Ranvir outside of titan fight on occasion too. You know, for fun.



alas, Bertulf is hard to get… though I agree, hard-to-get equals more revenue, so… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Kinda, he is a 3* though so if a f2p focused on the alliance quest summons they should have a high chance to receive.

It is a choice right? Comes once a quarter, save the gems and you have good odds

I got him on the second tower event. I couldn’t believe how happy I was to get a 3*!

I can relate, except I still use Wu Kong :crazy_face:. Six digit titan scores are just a fantasy.

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I hear ya on the 6 digit thing, it took me forever to get one. Now they’re fairly common, my record is around 135k, but the difference was I eventually got elemental D droppers in Falcon and Jackal. I also got Athena for stacking D drop. I bring her on everything except green titans and blue reflect.

Basically when things are rolling I can get my per tile damage so high it offsets the misses and allows me to crack 100k from time to time. When everything is rolling on a purple or red titan for example I have seen a tile hit the critical spot for 7k damage on 8-10*’s.

Then there’s moments like earlier today where I survive the 90 seconds but had so few tiles even fast Joon couldn’t charge and I don’t crack 10k! :laughing: Again, I don’t get mad, that’s the only titan life I have ever known :laughing:



Yup… The helen keller duo got me again… SG fix these old forgotton heroes… Get them some glasses or something. You gave wu a costume but he is BLIND AF !!!

Honestly the biggest issue with them is not being able to consistently stun the titan. If just the weak spot was unable to regieter a miss, you wouldnt have to change anything on these heroes.

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There should be the option to convert a building into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting hall to help Wu Kong overcome his indulging thereby reducing the misses.

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