So many very fast heroes, not enough very slow heroes

I think one of the most unbalanced aspects of this game is having 12 very fast heroes and 3 very slow heroes (the ratio of fast heroes is also more than slow heroes, but that’s also another story).

People said that this game had been shifting to fast to very fast meta, there was no place for slow to very slow heroes to survive anymore. But then, it would lose the meaning of very slow heroes: to be a killer once they fire.

Like Alfrike, for example, she is very slow and really deadly once she fires. Guardian Owl also works wonderfully once he fires from the corner. Boss Wolf is okayish, I think he is the worst out of three, but still functioning in a way.

I really think we need more very slow heroes, to the point that the ratio between very fast and very slow heroes is balanced a bit. What do you think?

Thanks God. I cannot imagine spam of very slow heroes in rush tournaments. Alfrike it too OP against Boss Wolf and G. Owl. So pls no more.

Because there is no very slow tournament…

Lets face it, very slow heroes are not so useful in any situation other than the rush attack tourney. Alfrike is the only hero with devastating impact… but she can be neutralized with mana manipulator heroes such as Malosi, proteus, hansel, gretel, or merlin.

I have a better option… why not create a very fast hero that transformed to fast, average, slow, and very slow after each special with increasing impact… ie: 200% damage (very fast) to 800% damage (v.slow)… its just an example tho. The idea is to create a hero that is useable.


They are:

  1. Gravemaker
  2. Grazul
  3. Victor
  4. Kageburado
  5. Clarissa
  6. Margaret
  7. Malosi
  8. Guardian Jackal
  9. Valeria
  10. Mireweave
  11. Vlad
  12. Errrr… maybe S3 hero???


  1. Myztero (Thanks @SharkCommander)

Think it’s the opposite…Boss Wolf and G. Owl are too underpowered for very slow mana. Alfrike is the only hero in the game who actually earns her slow mana due to her special imo, and future ‘very slow’ heroes should follow suit.

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  1. Myzterio,

20 characters.


We still don’t have very fast blue 5*. Just looking on my roster all fast but no very fast. Hopefully soon.

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