So many recruits

While I agree with @Ultima that food is a higher priority than recruits, I would try to not lose any recruits. You’ll need them at some point; like all things in E&P, you never have all the materials you want, and somehow, occasionally have more than you need of another material at the same time.

I recommend that when you have oodles of recruits, start to stockpile them in a TC (like 13 or 20). Since those TCs require multiple days to render a hero, with enough recruits and ham, you have this TC continually running.

This, too, requires a lot of ham, but in essence, your TC is like a bank that holds both ham and heroes. Recall that you don’t need to collect your heroes as they are rendered, you can let them sit there so that they don’t clutter/fill your hero capacity. In this way, when you finally get the ascension materials to level up a hero, you can use the heroes from your TC as feeders for the hero you want to max. Since you can also remove heroes from a training camp (just select the minus button), you can also reclaim the ham you were using in that TC, again to level up your hero.

It takes some effort to get all your TCs to have more than a day’s worth of training in their queues, but once you get it going (like right after AR), it can be an effective way to even out the collection and need of materials.


I stock pile my excess recruits into tc11 a lot of the time. It’s cheap to run and then you can just let the heroes build up there before you collect them if you don’t need them right away


First, all my 4 TC are level 20 but used to: 2-TC11 have 1,500 days. 1- TC2 175 days and 1-TC20 134 days. Yet, recruits are still graduating. I wish SG create reprocessing of recruits to ham or burger so we can feed heroes.


How do u get so many Swords and Backpacks?

Agree with the OP. Would like to know the max number people have queued… I have over 5000 in a TC11 with another 1300 not collected (yes, I’ve been playing a while) but there are others with far more

1-2 S2 Normal during AR and save all of your WE flasks from monthly events etc. You can easily keep it going month to month usually.
I’ve seen as many as 5 back packs/ 3 world energy. At least that’s the best way I know of

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This is an interesting thread:

(How many recruits are too many to hoard?)

If I recall correctly, @Checker has the most recruits in his Legendary training ( RT20 ).

Found an old post

(Training camp level 11 - how many days do you have?)

I had >32,000 recruits in TC11 as of last week (16,000 future heroes over the next 4+ years), but I recently realized that TC1 will burns thorough recruits with almost no ham and finally use the 13,000 sets of clothes I have. Now I’m running low on ham eating all the TC1 heroes. Fortunately c going from TC11 to TC1 liberates ham!

I’m sure I’ll eventually run out of clothes, but for now, it’s a pretty good option.

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I used about 20-25 we flasks for atlantis farming for backpacks and doing stages of the map on hard to complete it. Normally will get me 1000 backpacks, that normally lasts me till the next time depending on how many I can get from normal farming until it starts again. :+1:


Brave sir Robin, do you mean TC19 ? If so, that is certainly a way to burn thru recruits quickly

Use them in tc1 when you have a new hero that you want to max fast

I guess what he means is swords, the tc1 part was correct.

I like tc1 more than tc19 because i personally don’t need the extreme speed for much higher ham cost anyway.

The recruits cost is higher than tc19 but it burns recruits just at the right speed i collect them

I don’t get it. Where do you get so much recruits?

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There are many resources on where to obtain specific materials. Barry has a fairly detailed one that is a good place to start.

Some people farm specifically for recruits by playing, for example S1 6.8 over and over. There are quests for recruits, which are a good way to get a bunch of recruits fast that you should always play.

Finally, if you get your Stronghold to a certain level, you can convert a level 20 House to and Advanced House that will also generate recruits.

Hope that helps.

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It sounds like you have a lot of food stored up already. If you 134 days in TC20, if you just remove one (so you have 132 days) you’d have almost 300K of food instantly.

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S1:8-7 is the best.
Recruits I and Recruits II only stage 1 is better then S1:8-7, other stage 2 & 3 is not as good as S1:8-7 recruits. That’s why this thread exists:
Recruits II / Recruits 2 - Epic Troop Token 50% chance - Apr 26/27 = YES

But it does only small different though, so no big deals.
The most significant is Atlantis Rises of course… S2:15-9N / S2:6-9N for recruits, and S2:1-x for backpacks.

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I meant swords; I am using TC1.

My goal is to hoard ham — that and iron are usually the biggest hurdles to maxing exciting new 5* heroes; the recruits from TC1 keep me going without running out of ham.

I know that certain stages are recruit efficient,just wonder how they Manage it with Energy

Here’s what I do with my recruits:

Every month when Atlantis comes, I use my month’s savings of loot tickets (and several world energy potions) on season 2 area 15-9 for recruit farming. (I’m lazy with my world energy for the rest of the month.)

I set a level 20 camp to crank out potential 5* heroes until next month’s Atlantis.

I set 2 level 11 camps to crank out heroes every 2 hours, also set for the next 31 days.

The last camp I set to crank out a hero every 30 minutes for 5 recruits/hero. I keep that camp fueled as long as possible. When it runs out of recruits, I also set that to a hero every 2 hours until next Atlantis. Then any further recruits I get, I’m already adding another 30 days to my other camps ahead of time.

Since you’re probably getting even more recruits than I do, you may want 2 level 20 camps at work to give you a 3*-5* hero every day. You could also have 2-3 camps each giving you a hero every 30 minutes. That’ll level some people fast!

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