So many “rare” titans, yet so few advertised bonus items in return

Never got a 4* mat from said rare titan usally 8 or 9 the last few months.
Only a few people have said they got mats there could be more that ain’t sharing🤷‍♀️

From 7 times I got A+ in Rare Titan, 3 times I got the bonus at the end of the loot.

I forget how many times I got A (maybe around 20), but I remember there are at least 3 times I got bonus when my grade is A.

Only 1 time I got the bonus while having B grade.

I find it surprising to see as many posts like this as I do. Our last rare titan was the thunder unicorn. I did not get the bonus, but I believe 3 did. On average, I’d guess two get it per rare from my experience. I have gotten it a few times too but I don’t track it.

I’ve gotten 4* mats from rare titans at a higher rate than regular titans but haven’t received the bonus item yet.

Since you got one, jphardsell, it’s not a ploy. Once someone won it, it’s gone.

Rare titan have +1 loot tier.

Or alliance averages about 2 - 5 people receiving per rare.

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