So many “rare” titans, yet so few advertised bonus items in return

First post here but had to get this out there to see if anybody else agrees. Or maybe I’m just whining. Answers to come!
So I have a good alliance going at least to my standards. So I feel bad when a “rare” titan is on the docket and we clean it’s clock only to find out that virtually nobody received the dangled ascension items. My running tally is 8 defeated titans 1of which actually produced th e bonus item for myself. I usually ask after who did receive following everyone to find out that everybody in my alliance who actually talks responds with a “no”. Is this a normal thing? Is there a percentage of my alliance who actually receives said item every titan? Is it random? Is it just a ploy? I look forward to getting any feedback. Thanks!


All a rare titan promises is a better chance at a certain 4* mat. There are no guarantees that anybody will even get it. Even with the improved chances the chance to actually get it are still very low. I’ve been playing for over a year, I cant remember any of my alliances ever letting a rare titan escape and I’ve only received the bonus 4* mat once. If you’re 1/8 then I’d say you’ve had some fairly decent luck.


This is the sa e in Our alliance where not everyone tells so this leaves really only one question before saying it’s an issue in the forum.

That would be to know for sure none of those who don’t chat didn’t get it. Without that certainty saying it isn’t received by anyone wouldn’t be right.

Suggestion though!
Maybe on rare titans they could add some sort of icon next the the player that received the bonus mat in the results box that appears in our chat.


With Rare titans there are two things to note:

  1. The Rare titan gives a BONUS ascension Material Roll. There are a set number of rolls which are linked to your titan score & loot tier.
    • The Rare Titan will always give a bonus roll. This has two options either a 1 or a 0 (1 being yay you win & get the bonus item, 0 being bad luck nothing this time).
    • What the odds of this bonus roll success is not known… I’ve been working on a project to try pinning it down but haven’t really had enough data on rare titans to get a statistically significant result.
    • the odds tho seem to increase the higher loot tier you are (i.e. an A+ on a 14* titan is more likely than a C ranking on a 5* titan)
  2. The Bonus roll is ONLY available to players who score greater than D ranking (>1% of titan HP) AND those who were present in the alliance when the titan spawned (i.e. post spawn members and mercs will NEVER get the bonus item).

So in summary, there is no guarantee that anyone will get the bonus item. You seem to be more likely in higher loot tiers.

Link to the Titan Loot Data Farming project: Titan Loot & You - A Data Farming Project! ***PRELIMINARY RESULTS***


Rare titans are the only titans to drop emblems.


Doesn’t the bonus item show up at the end of your awarded loot?
So in this case you got 2x tonics just from your normal rolls then missed the bonus item?

Titan loot tier 13, the example someone else posted, only gets 3 ascension rolls.

They got 1x 2*, 1x 3*, and 2x 4* tonic so @Yazo must have got the bonus roll and the game just combined them .


Same here. Can’t even remember the last time i got a 4* AM from a rare. Took down a bunch of 8* and 9*. I think I have better luck with normal titans than rare ones :))).

No of you got a duplicate of the bonus roll to a normal ascention roll it’ll show in your looy as a x2

Ever since rare Titans became a thing. I have only received the “dangled” item only once.

So rare Titans are as stupid as persuing a map battle crap chest.

When it shows up, no one really gives a sh…!

We just kill every titan whether it’s rare or not

We’ve had at least 1 person recieve the bonus drop on every rare we’ve killed

I “think” we’ve had up to 5 people recieve it from same titan

A titan is a titan, kill em all and let the rewards fall where they may


The tough life of a titan. “Why do people keep killing us? We almost never have what they are looking for.”


I can honestly say. Compared to other players I have spoken with. You are right I have been exceptionally lucky with this game. I once received 3 5::six_pointed_star: hero’s in a ten pull. I was mostly just curious to others results and thoughts on the subject. So thank u for your feedback.

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Well, have fought against soooo many rare Titans in 2 accounts and until now just had one time the luck to get the AM…welcome to randomness!

5* titan (rare) with bonus loot “tonic”.

My rewqrd score: A+

No rare bonus loot. :frowning: I even finished the titan.

41k food
26k iron
1x metal ores
1x sunspire feathers
1x potent leaves
1x titan spine
1x titan shield
1x titan beak
1x titan tooth
1x strong rope
1x dagger
1x wooden shield
1x bear banner
1x mana potion
3x diamond
1x bottle titan energy
3x atlantis coin
5x archer emblem

Is it a secret how much damage your alliance members did to this titan, since you’ve blotted the names out?

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Started keeping track in my alliance. The past 5 rares no one has gotten the bonus mat.

Most likely trying to be P.C. and not put others info out there

At least not that anyone said :wink:

Hard to tell unless you witness each players loot…

I’d say my piece again but I’m lazy so I’ll just quote myself!

The entire alliance has actually provided the information on their rare titan loot for data collection. Admittedly I’m in a smaller alliance so it’s possible that it could just be a numbers thing, less people less chance for the drop to happen.

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