So many heroes & more to come - Time to Expand

There are just so many heroes now with more and more to come. We need to expand. 6 hero offenses, 6 hero defenses, or something. Something that allows us to use all these heroes.

I would love to have wars like tournaments… with some limitation such as… not one color allowed… or not one class… or… something that forces us to use all the heroes


I was thinking of something like a special war, like once every 3 or 5 wars

I’d just point out that wars require 30 and the tavern 50. As a long time player, I have enough for these but not all do. At least one person in my alliance didn’t complete tavern, that said a bit of strategy could have helped.


I’d like to see raid arenas for 3* and 4*. You could choose the arena, choose to participate, set a Def team… This would give us a break from facing the same team (telluria) all the time in raids. I have one team with several variants that i use against Telluria and i hardly ever use other heroes…


Isn’t this need filled by 3* and 4* tournaments? If the idea is to make sure that all one’s heroes get some game time, that seems (at least to me) to be met by the tournaments.

What am I missing?

If your alliance frequently runs up agains color-coordinated tanks, you will exhaust your bench in the opposite color. To the extent that not all colors are represented in the coordinated-tank lineups (we face a lot of blue tanks (I would have expected green) and occasionally purple or red), you’ll use a lot of heroes that wouldn’t ordinarily make the cut.

In the war that ended today, we faced yellow tanks, and I expected to clean house (given my perceived depth in purple). As it turns out, my purple is top-heavy and I used some un-maxed purples to results that I would rather not post :frowning: .

In any case, I wish I got to use all my favorite heroes in every war, but most of my roster gets game time. Add tournaments to the mix, and I think I get most of them in.

We still use the same heroes in tournaments. We all have our 5-8 go-to heroes in raids and tournaments only because we can re-use them. However we are seeing more and more heroes coming out, I mean we have like 100+ 5* heroes now. All I’m saying is that I wish we can use more at the same time - epic wide battle.

Also, something needs to happen:

This format are in tournaments as you said.

What about a war with class restrictions?

Sand field - > no rangers or paladins. Also 15 % stats for sand empire heroes. Also 3% stats for yellow heros.

With little changes like these everybody has to make their brain to work for the best defensive formation and teams for war.

Another thing #savethetitans

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I agree about the tournaments providing some variety for the other heroes but i would like more. That way I could learn more about the heroes like what’s the best 3* tank etc.

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