So many Events, do we need two a month?

With there now being five different monthly events, do we now need two events a month? When I started in late '17, there only were two events and if you missed on a draw, you could try again in just two months. The current schedule, assuming no more new events, will only have the Knights of Avalon event show up twice in 2019. Unless its intended that these events are supposed to become as rare as seasonal ones, then the devs should consider having two events a month.

What does everyone think about this issue or this idea?


I think it would increase the variety of players in the top 10

Right now 30 days to stock per event is a lot of prep time. If players were forced to choose between 2 events per month, it would split up the competition in each event a bit.

Players have been trying to figure out how to do that for a long time, this is probably the closest thing i’ve heard to a reasonable solution so far


I’d love it. But I imagine devs will not because its adding more ascension items into everyone’s inventory.


True, devs would probably have to re-examine the rewards per event, but that should be doable or at least worth looking at if they haven’t already

I am all for anything to do besides the endless mindless farming grind that comes in between events, Atlantis, and rare quests!

And the added plus of more chances for rarer crafting and ascension items would be welcome for many players I am sure.

I am looking forward to the raid battles sometime this year, hoping that will fill in some of the empty spaces.


Seriously, are we complaining about more opportunities at AMs? If anything, Wonderland is a huge disappointment in completion payoff, and I am already looking forward to the next with a better payoff. I will never place in one of these events, but every AM helps. Complain about the lack of AMs, at least that makes sense.


Lol for game balance, mats can’t be too widely available…most veterans understand that


2 per event wrecks game balance? Really? I have a team full mates who would disagree. Top vets already have tons of fully ascended heroes, people playing 6 months or less are frustrated.

Same frustration everyone went through…

Right now the rate of free guaranteed mats coincide with the rate of free 4/5* heros from my understanding which was explained to me by @Brobb

Flooding the game with ascension mats would without a doubt disrupt progress and balance

Right now we get enough free guaranteed mats from rare quest to max a 5* rainbow team

We get more free mats 12x a year from events not including seasonal quests

Increasing 12x to 24x, yea that’s a pretty large increase

The “ive played 6 months and cant max a rainbow 5* team” complainers either dont pay attention or are bad at math. Either way, they wouldnt have made it through 2017…


Plus re examine your statement

“Players who have put in more time, money, and gameplay than me and my teammates have more maxed heros than us”

If that was reversed, the game would be broken.


I don’t really care if they give out ham and iron, or avatars, or ??? doesn’t have to be mats…… I just want something to do :sleeping:


I farm constantly and still find it a daunting task to accumulate items to use in Events each month. I’ve actually stopped competing in events even to tier up and only go for completion rewards on events as things currently stand.

If they eliminated item usage from events and then limited rerolls, then yeah, I could see two events. I know that will never happen because it would actually reduce revenue rather than increase it.

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Shhhh… Mats are good. Don’ give out ideas :rofl:

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Those are good points about the AM being more common, I didn’t even consider the AM aspect of this idea. I was more concerned about C2P people who get maybe 10 draws an event and hope to be lucky enough to pull one event hero. I simply was interested in the ability to draw the event heroes more than twice a year.


We are talking 1 lousy cape and shield, not a scope and tonic. Come on. I/4 of a 4* doesn’t throw the Force out of balance. And events kill the drudgery of “nothing good from this chest” or “nothing good from that titan”. If anything, for all of the new heroes that are available, some means to be able to use them effectively should be applauded. Tokens are swell- if a player can actually max a hero.

I speak for the struggling players in my alliance who look at me and get frustrated. I see their point. I won’t mind if top players get even better because they are irrelevant to me. I enjoy seeing my growers earn their milestones, and these events are the only surefire way.


Lol then they can earn the milestones like everyone else

Entitlement issues?

Players for free are supposed to grow at a rate that devs have created. Any extra growth is supposed to be bought and paid for.

The way the game is and always has been…

To suddenly double that growth rate just sounds ridiculous to me. I may be the only one. But i can live with that and stick by my opinion.

And it’s not like that doesnt include the different tiers and different ranks

You’re thinkin small scale 1 or 2 mats from 1 tier and not considering the rewards per difficulty tier plus the rewards per reward tier

A lot to consider when talking about doubling up events.

Not as simple as “it’s 1 extra 3* mat per month, no reason they shouldnt”


I like your posts, Rigs. I mostly lurk. But I can’t understand complaints about an extra event and chances to “earn” those AMs. Especially since most of my growers shelled out cash for these new heroes, are very active, and struggled to complete all stages- if they could. I say, keep the interesting stuff coming.


Yes i understand the summoning more heros than mats

But that’s the thing

Mats are supposed to be the bottle neck in progress keeps the game from balancing too far into p2w

“Summon all the heros you want, but each player will still be able to only max this many in this time period” of course that number varies due to RNG and event rewards but theory still holds for a large percentage of the player base.

Plus it’s what keeps the game strategic

If we could spend mats willy nilly(some of us can but 95% of the player base cant) then that strategic part of the game would diminish and we wouldnt be forced to choose maxing 1 hero over another

Plus the game was intended to be a grind that takes years, not months. Some have sped that up with money but even they still hit mat walls. It keeps players from reaching a “completion” status and keeps giving them a reason to keep playing and pushing forward

I have new players in our alliance too and hear similar complaints bout the mat walls but the walls are there for a reason.

And nothing against you personally, i just think a lot of new players dont quite see that concept but veterans didnt see it when they were new either until further down the road then it all made sense


1 Seasonal Event each month should be good enough lol , P2W FTW

*challenge event

Sorry had to

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