So long, and thanks for all the pixels!

Hi Folks,

Quick link to the video in case you don’t want to read my post:

That’s it for me. After two and a half years of E&P with some of the top alliances and coolest players, I’m calling it quits. I’ve killed all the titans, run all the war scenarios and made it to #1 global in raids (and stayed there more than a few minutes) half a dozen times.

But… it’s not the boredom of game play that made me want to blow up my teams and uninstall the game.

I have an addictive personality. What started a long time ago as F2P later morphed into C2P, and for the last year, I’ve been spending absurd amounts of money to build the best teams. While I’m fortunate that I could afford the habit, I see now that this has become a wasteful addiction with no actual payback. When the thrill of the game died down, I realized that all I bought was a lot of very expensive pixels.

Here’s what helped me to change my perception of the game - maybe others will try this exercise.

Find a friend or a person you respect, and tell them about Empires and Puzzles. From the mechanics of the puzzles to the characters and their stats/skills. Tell them about how you farm resources and level characters and troops. Tell them about ascension materials and the rarity of pulling what you need. Then, tell them how much time you spend in the game each day. THEN, tell them how much money you’ve spent to get where you are. Be honest about it.


“So, you play Candy Crush to throw tiles at wizards and ninjas, and you waste hours, weeks and days of your life and spend enough money to buy a car… but it’s cool because everyone in your alliance does it too??”


I don’t judge anyone who spends money on this game, and I don’t begrudge SGG for squeezing so much cash out of me - they’re just very good at what they do. My only recommendation to everyone is just to stop and check your perspective from time to time.

Me… I’m checking out! I hope you enjoy this video of me going out with a bang:

Be well!


Thanks for sharing, that resonates pretty strongly with me. I’m still not spending much money, but not a day goes by where I look back and think: “you know, I’m proud of what I accomplished in the match-3 world today.”

Your exercise of telling someone all about the game is a great one. I haven’t done it yet. It’s somewhat of a secret in my real life and I can definitely watch my productivity, happyness, and relationships decline as the game is the easiest place for me to put my energy when I wake up. I’ve gotten better at regulating myself and uninstalled at least a dozen times. Of course that is impermanent. Congrats on the quit. Feed those heroes to Aife!!!


This is heavy, hope you find your way and be happy whatever you’ll do, I’m passing less time playing than before, played long time with my alliance, now I’m playing alone, I already spent some money, not much, only VIP pass, but I’m also tired of portals trying to chase heroes that never will come while I see others gaining all the time, I almost never gain a 5*, and when I get, I don’t have mats, but anyway, take care of yourself and thanks for sharing your experience


I’ll remember this one, would you mind please coming back on here in a few weeks of obviously no playing and say if you feel better for it? Or worse?

I’d like to kick the spending habit too, and hoping it feels great to be free. (Or gutted!)


Thanks guys. @Gti, so far, feeding my heroes into oblivion has felt really liberating!

The only thing I’m starting to worry about is how I’ll pass the time when I’m on the pot, LOL. Gross, but you know you all do your best raiding in the can!


Mind me, but i vote your post best post of the year.

I don’t know you but i really wish you all the best.

Edit: best soundtrack too, lol.


No more worries about: 4* mats, poons, tornados, titan loot, HAM, shiny new heroes, nerfing, war matching, mono vs. 3/2, tournaments, challenge events, and so on…



I wish you continued success in your future endeavours. For me, the most thought provoking post of the year.

Thank you for sharing :hugs:.


I’m here saying my farewell as well, I will be permanently leaving the forum at the end of the weekend. I just wanted to say as a fellow addictive personality l over stand your sentiment, here is my farewell post to give you some insight.

I was able to afford it until I couldn’t anymore, so I’m glad you walked away before it consumed you like it did me. Take care and all the best


I watched your video. After the initial feeling of “Are you sure???” (silly because it was already done), it was strangely liberating to watch. Fairly sure the last straw for me is coming soon. Am weaning myself off of my alliance, which I will miss with all my heart.

Thank you for speaking truth and modeling courage.Blessings as you move out into the light!!!

Wishing you the very best



This was a profound post, too. There is life outside the game!!! It’s just as messy, but it is REAL!!! Step into the sunshine!!! Call a friend!!! Taste freedom!!!
:bouquet::heart::bouquet: :sun_with_face:


Kudos for the Douglas Adams reference.

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the most raging video ive ever seen on this game…i got my tear drops watching those 5star heroes being fed with so much anger!!!


No anger in deleting them, @Luckman8, I was just trying to get it all done before the song ended, lol. Was a huge relief, and I’m already happier and more productive on day one w/o E&P.


This was very inspiring. Was there some sort of catalyst? I think I need a catalyst. For instance if I don’t get a decent yellow, purple, or green five by the end of February I’ll take a break or quit. Or is that mentality just part of the addiction?

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Honestly, you’re correct in seeing that this is part of the addiction mentality. You’ll find a reason to justify staying and/or spending more. It’s a very dangerous slippery slope. Even if you don’t get the 5* hero, let’s say you get a poison dart. Will you stay in hopes of getting the hero since you now have the ascension mat required?

I’m struggling with the same thought process mind you. This thread is starting to feel a bit like EnP Anonymous.


Yep. I was there in November. Pulled Francine. December was about to quit. Pulled King Arthur. Luckily I don’t really spend. Maybe I’m up to $35 total in 15 months but for me it’s the time and the stealing of mental capacity.


why dont you just take a break if you just wanna get relief or happier…i bet that your alliance mates really need you to contribute to it …i just cant believe you trash thousands of dollars with your hard earne money or thousands dollars is just like few bucks for you?

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if you don’t go immediately you will go never… :slight_smile: i know that


Agreed @Dorotheus. For me, it was leave permanently or fall back into bad spending decisions eventually. I expect lots of folks have the same problem.


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