So if you had enough for 3 ten pulls where would you use it this month December 2020?

If you had enough for 3 ten pulls would you try for a Christmas hero, costume or Valhalla hero this month?

Costume by far for me…you’ll get something at least that you don’t currently have.


Depends on how many pulls you usually do, but I’m (FTP) in nearly the same boat - gonna be a little short of 9,000 gems - and I’m going costumes unless I don’t like what’s featured. With one-third of the available costumes never having been offered before, you stand a very good chance of getting a lot of new stuff for your number of pulls. Seasonal summons have horrible odds. Lots of good Valhalla heroes, but unless you’re targeting the featured one (Thor, maybe? Lord Loki? I forgot.) you can get those anytime. Assuming I like at least one of the featured costumes and don’t detest the other, I’m planning close to 50 pulls this time (between gems and keys), the most I’ve ever done at once. Good luck.


Roster and Play style

Say it all together…

… it depends on your roster and play style.


Just asking if you had the gems to do it would you and why. I’m thinking of it but would like a variety of answers just for the fun of it… might even be the knights event…

Personally I would do 30 on Valhalla for the coin discount. Or 2 Valhalla one costume IF the new costumes are out.


I would avoid summoning for Knights of Avalon. I would probably do costume event since new costumes should be coming.

I would also summon in Valhalla since Lord Loki is dope. And the fact that Frigg + Odin is the new meta.


New costumes are confirmed for V33.


You made my day pal…Cheers!


If I had the gems (and I don’t) out of those choices I would probably go for Valhalla for two and one for Christmas. This is on the basis that I really would like Buddy (who has eluded me so far) and there are a lot of Valhalla heroes I would really like.

The costume heroes I would leave for the month as I have lots of those still to level and they will come back long before the Christmas portal.

That being said, I am waiting for the ninjas to return and will no doubt throw my gems at that portal.


Depending on how many Valhalla you already have I’d probably vote Valhalla first. the 30 pull gets you more pulls for less gems. The second place would prob be the costume summons since so many are new.


Yes it does depend on your current roster. But for me, if they release all the outstanding costumes this month, I am going for those with fingers crossed for Leonidas and Marjana …


For me it’s costumes. At least my 3 stars can always use them.


Thats a tough one, if the new costumes come out they will most likely release in batch of 2 meaning you wont have a chance at the new ones, and Leonidas and Marjana are the most desired. I like Valhalla and Loki should be the fetured hero which is good by i like Thor better as he is V.Fast yellow. And for Christmas all 3 Christmas heros are desired. Based on my personal choice I’d go Christmas as i got all 3 this time around in under 60 pulls (30 EHT pulls). Good luck cant go wrong if you get at least 1 5*.

I’d do 10 pull at all. If you want to roll the dice.
Safe option is costumes and valla depending on how many of them hero’s/costumes you have.

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Valhalla. It is pretty stacked with good heroes. There are more there that I like than in costumes, and I don’t have the extra level up.

MN, Krampus, and Santa are all good, but you have more at all levels in Valhalla.


If you don’t have a lot of Valhalla, I would be tempted to do that but in February. The hero of the month is a big sniper that will punish the new minion movement. This months HOTM is underwhelming.

If I had less than 25 maxed 5* heroes, I would pull in Atlantis.

It has much better odds than event pulls, you get the bonus ascension chest and there are very few poor heroes(Mok-arr is as bad as it gets).

By comparison, S3 has a lot of niche or experimental heroes of varying use.

If I had more than 25, then it would depend on the gaps in my roster.

Christmas has very useful heroes. MN is arguably the best reviver out there, Krampus is best blue tank, Santa is great on green titans. Even Buddy is a great 4*

Costume portal has some good heroes but it also has a LOT of junk so, again, the odds for Atlantis are much better.

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I am in similar boat, and I am waiting for Season 3. I agree new costume heroes are coming this month but I have enough coins for 15 pulls. All my coin goes to S3 pull.

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