So I noticed birds and dragon flying behind my castle occasionally


I noticed birds and a dragon flying behind my castle occasionally. I can tap on them to shoot em down. Does this do anything or is it just an easter egg?


I’ve never noticed getting a goodie, but it’s fun to shoot at them… :wink:


Its just for fun but it would be cool to be abke to tap on the dragon and then it swoops down and grabs one of your villager lol


It sets your castle on fire… :rofl:


Yea thats a good one :grin:


Just Easter egg. Clicking the little people in the streets will make them wave too :smile:


Lol, don’t say that. If they do ever incorporate that, you’ll have to cough up a bunch of gems to rebuild ur castle.


Yeah, but I’ll be able to add that new Mage’s Tower I’ve always wanted… :laughing:


They should at least add to your food supply. All that wasted digital meat…


To bad you cant do anything to the dragon i have tried. Man we should get something for killing them birds!!!


Well they would, except when you shoot down the ducks and dragons, they fall behind your castle (and you’re built on a cliff); all that meat falls into the ravine and feeds the scavengers of the depths, alas… :grin:


:astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::smile: ok that just sucks!!! But guess better to feed the scavengers then feed on us


You can kill the dragon if you hit it enough


It still falls in the ravine. If only it set your watchtower ablaze as it went down… :grin:


I’ve downed that dragon. Takes about 30 taps on it.


Oh cool got to try it lol


I tried to smite a villager by tapping a dozen or so times, but no dice. It’s the little things you try when bored waiting for your energy to refill.


Those are your thralls, under a spell to wave when you tap them. :joy:

(Okay, okay, I’ll stop now…)


Just don’t place a Lemming spell on them. Those are pretty high cliffs.


Got 'em!