So I just maxed Poseidon and I just got DrakeFong

I know its a good pull also hes apparently A+, but he looks better than poseidon so Im a bit sad… What do you guys think? Im out of mats now

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Poseidon is also a beast. You’ve not waste the mats.


Cry a little, then get a grip of yourself and be happy.


U made a very big wrong decision!
Drake is faaar much better than poseidon.
Drake often become a game changer by hitting 3 and blind them so ur enemies often miss their specials.

U should feed ur maxed poseidon to drake right now to redeem ur cupidity.

Well here i just wanna make u feel regret.
Don’t worry, u gonna max drake soon or later. But poseidon is a trash compared to shiny drake fong :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: #2ndkidding

Poseidon also good sniper anyway

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Getting sad about Poseidon is silly, he is awesome. Getting sad about getting someone even better than Poseidon is even sillier! Just think of it as something to look forward to building to and how excited you’ll be getting darts from chests and titans.


You’ll be so happy when you get both maxed. Poseidon is a solid choice. No regerts.

Congrats on the pull :slight_smile:

@JonahTheBard that was on purpose.


Drake is definitely better, but Poseidon is still a good hero.

Poseidon is a bad ■■■ I use him more often than Drake but I love fast to very fast snipers

Oh and he’s great against mana debuffers completely nullifying them

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You will need more than one maxad 5* of each color in your roaster in order to compete!
Just be glad that you have two nice yellow 5* to develop from now and on.
I usually go 3:2 on raids and war, that means that I need 3 5* of each color to be able to put together competitive teams.

Good luck, and congratulations to your lucky pull!

Yep, be happy you got the pull - not regretful that you used your mats. The Dart Rare event is coming up soon :slight_smile: so that will be a good start. Slowly level Drake up to 3.70 and im sure you’ll find other projects to work on.

Dude, Poseidon is amazing. If you just maxed justice or Norns you’d have every reason to weep. But Poseidon is no consolation prize, he’s a true hero!


Both of those heroes are top notch. Be happy, there is nothing to regret.


I have both of these heros with 19 emblems. You absolutely should be thrilled to pull both.

They pair very well together. Your offense using 2/3 or 3/2 formats with them paired will be very strong.

Just level Drake. Play. Win. Be Happy.

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Yeah atm I have 9 5" yellows and a 20 emblem gjackel

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