So I have reached 100 consecutive summons in a row without a 5* hero


If you are a new player I think it is worth to read it, and think before you start to spent $ here:
Including current Atlantis Summon where I did 17 pulls I think I have reached 100 consecutive summons in a row without any 5* hero.
It includes all summons I have done since early December: Atlantis, Seasonal, Challenge and Token summons.
I don’t know the exact number as I started to notice that after 35 summons last Atlantis without a single legendary. I am definitely somewhere between 90 and 110 summons in a row.

Unfortunately support does not want to reply to my question how many summons I have done. Their reply is:
“As much as we would love to help, your request is beyond what we are able to do for our players. We thank you for your understanding.”

I think this is enough for me. I think the greed level of this game is beyond my understanding and as I like to support the games using my $, I am not going to support this one anymore.

Good luck to all of you, mine does not work in this game.


The summoning probabilities are published by Small Giant, and are available at every summoning can find them by clicking on the little “i”, like so:

It is definitely worth reviewing those probabilities, and understanding the likely outcomes of summoning, before spending any gems.

At the Atlantis probabilities, there’s about a 1-in-50 chance of doing 100 summonings without getting any 5* hero.

So you got a bit unlucky, but it certainly isn’t a crazily surprising result given the probabilities.

What exactly were you expecting support to do?


I can empathize with your disappointment, I went 0 for 116 before I got my first 5*. I think about 20 of those were TC20 which has a higher drop rate than a summons. First first 5* was horghall (meh) and it was another month before I got a 2nd. Then they started to come every week or two for a few months. Included 2 Gravemakers on B2B tokens over 3 days. It’s a bummer to start off so slow, but it’s not something game support should be able to address. Its just bad luck. If you continue to play I wish you well in your search for the elusive first 5* :smile:

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Garanwyn - do you really think that I am not aware of those probabilities?

And regarding the support - I just wanted to know how many summons in a row exactly I have done without a 5* hero. Do you think this is beyond their capabilities?

Yes, I did indeed. The other possible conclusion was that you knew exactly what you were doing but, for some reason, decided to come here and complain about the outcome instead of accepting it as within the family of possible results.

If you knew exactly how “greedy” the game was when you started summoning, why play the outrage card now? It seemed kinder to assume that you simply didn’t know the likely outcomes. Thank you for setting me straight.

As for support, seeing as there’s no bug involved, I’m not sure why they’d take the time to total up your past summonings, irrespective of whether they’re theoretically capable of doing so.


You have to be a really cool person.

One of possible conclusions that you could take into account was if I asked anywhere in my post what are the odds? Do you see this question anywhere?
Your response was nothing more than a support response, and I haven’t asked for it.
In fact there was no question in my post at all…

Cheers and let your summons be in the better “family of possible results” than mine :wink:

I did 50…

Main account a 10 plus 400 saved coins.
Alt account a 30 plus 2 singles and 400 coins.

I can empathize a little bit. Sorry about your 100.

I’ll make due with what I have. It happens, not the end of the world. At least I know what direction both accounts are going for the next 3 months lol.


Ive been on about a year, spent good money and only have 5, yes 5, 5 star heroes. 2 of them I got from tc20. I won’t be spending another single dollar on this game. You can’t guarantee a descent hero and I for one am tired of drawing 3 star heroes for my money.

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As they know exactly what we were doing in a determined time frame (see the crash compensation thread) i do think they record our purchasing history.

If so, there’s a high chance they even record results, as for their business point of view that’s a valuable information to know.

Of course i’m not sure, still i have his same doubts about “this go beyond what we are able to do”.

But even if we were right, do you expect them to reveal it so easily? :wink:

Many other games - like Hearthstone for example - changed the odds this way that after X number of pulls/summons/packs you buy, you are guaranteed to get a legendary hero / legendary stuff.

I think this is the only way to keep the game fair balanced in a long term, and I predict that If this will not change here this game will die sooner or later.

My alliance mate just pulled 2x Atomos, Magni, Ariel and Musashi for 30 Atlantis Pulls.

You can again said that it is the math probability - true, but this system is just not fair.


So post in the topic in the suggestions category then about making the system like in Hearthstone as you mentioned. Because “I did X summons and didn’t get a 5*” is getting really old. I did 140 summons during the winter event as well and did not get any 5*. It sucked but I got some other HoTM’s and a few out of TC20.

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This topic exists if you search for shards or something

Some similar posts prior to yours:

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A few ideas

(On the last, scroll down to Zephyr1’s links).

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for sure, if we could be guaranted to drop a 5* every 50 pulls…it would be cool…

like the chest for AM in atlantis gate

a reward for our consumerism :sweat_smile:

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Saying you understand odds, but don’t understand why you’re not guaranteed by a certain amount, tells me you either don’t understand odds, or don’t want to accept the odds because they weren’t in your favor.

Would you share this same poutrage if, with a 5% chance of getting a 5*, you pulled 20 out of 100? No, because you would have beat the odds.

May the odds ever be in your favor, and willing to accept them should they not.


Throw it in the Ideas and Features thread for votes. I’d get behind that.

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Important words Kayo. I really appreciate your comments and that you have spent your precious time to write an answer.

But I can’t agree with you. I will try to explain:

  1. I understand that if I have 2% chance of getting a 5* hero I will get 2 for every 100 pulls in average.
    I also understand that I could be very unlucky and do not get any for 500 summons.

  2. When I was buying gems I have accepted that. Of course I believed that I will be lucky enough to get my “average”… What I also expected is that even if those odds are not im my favor, they will be fair at least.

What I don’t accept is when I do 100 pulls and don’t get a single one someone else at the same time does 30 summons and get 5 legendary. This is unfair.

Exactly the same thing happened to Hearthstone like 2 years ago: some players spent a fortune to get a legendary card, and some other just got few in few dozens of packs. But the difference is that HS developers understood that this is just not fair, and they decided to balance the game.
I am sure that they did it without affecting their incomes. Probably the total number of legendary pulled by players is more less the same, but the distribution is more fair. Not perfect still, but more fair.

Here one player issue is to level up their dozens of 5* heroes, but some other have an issue that they don’t have this chance even.

Again: I don’t mind to support the game which I like. This game is really good, general idea is great, fun level is also fine. But when it comes to the balance it is not so cool anymore…


Happy to help. Let us know if you need any other clarification!

Kayo: As I read your answer in a sarcastic way I will take a risk and answer:
You didn’t clarified anything. At least for me…

I said your words were important in the matter of odds, and here you helped somehow once again explaining how the odds works.

But it seems like they don’t work in the same way for everyone…

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Yeah. One doesn’t go to the craps tables expecting to roll the same number of 7s as everyone else, despite the odds being the same.

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