So I have my first who should I level, but I'd like your thoughts (Green Horghall / Evelyn)

I just received my #6 tonic from strikewood. My normal team is Grimm maxed, vivica 3/70, Sartana 4/80, Joon 3/70, and Sabina 4/70.

I have horghall at 3/70 (waiting for asc) but since I’m a C2P, I acquired Evelyn on a bonus pull.

I like heroes that affect all enemies (even if mana is slow) vs. evelyn who is fast and only target and nearby.

So given the choice, I can get evelyn to 3/70 fast, but on the fence which to choose.

I have no specific desires for leaderboard, just general season 2, events, and shooting to acquire a 4000+ team.

So if you had a choice, who would it be and I guess…why?

Please keep it civil, just looking for general guidance…


Rude choice for me.

Regarding your actual team, you might be cool with a big fat tank like Horghall since you have Sartana & Joon as snipers.

But Evelynn is a decent heroes as well so…

SO I DON’T KNOW. You’re welcome, always glad to be helpfull :blush:

Long term Evelyn easy. Horg you will end up replacing down the line and he will sit there.

I drew Horg a while ago and he hasn’t made it to his 2nd ascension. Early on he was annoying as my team wasn’t very strong. Now I don’t flinch when he goes off.

My 2 cents is long term Evelyn is your choice and will be easier to form a team around.


Agree with @King_Nothing. Evelyn is the clear choice. Horghall is a middle of the pack hero in general. He’d be a good tank in the short term. Evelyn is just superior in every aspect other than tanking on defense. She is a top tier hero and you will use her for many purposes for a long time.


Not a clue how you may ever think about Horg when you have Evelyn!
She is a HOTM for a reason and Horg aint HOTM for a reason :smiley:

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I do realize the significance between the two, and mostly I was thinking the answers would lean toward Evelyn anyway, just wanted to see if there was any possible reason to consider a traditional over a HOTM. Eventually they both will get leveled, and recently just realized I started playing Dec 13 of last year, so it does take a long time just to get here…so I want to truly ensure that I choose wisely… :wink:

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You don’t need Horg as Vivica is already a much better tank. You can use Eve as a dispeller along with your snipers Sartana, Joon and Grimm.

Horg is a waste of ascension materials if you have basically any other green 5. Since you have Evelyn, the choice is easy there.

Thanks to all, Evelyn is who I’m ramping up to 4/80, still around 3/56 now, they take a lot of resources and lots of trainers now that I have her at 8/8 for her special. Probably have her fully leveled in a couple of weeks at this rate…holidays game play went in the basement…as it should… Greetz to all.