So i guess this is a thing now

I knew it wouldnt take long for someone to find a way to cheat/take advantage of the War rules
Notice 4 or 5 of the top players setup their defense with 1 character, so wasting a turn killing them only gets you like 5 points.

DEVS, you need to make it a restriction/ requirement that ALL 5 slots be filled, and maybe ALL 5 slots be a different color character? Ive also read somewhere about a statagy loading your defense with red characters.

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I don’t think such a rule would change much… they could just put 5 derric on the defense team. Or even 5 1* of different colors…

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Ongoing discussion over here - Mind you this discussion has occurred many times prior to even the link below:

thanks bud, reading the thread now

TL;DR using the 1 hero strategy is actually terrible since the total number of points across the alliance is always equal. When you face people who do this, just smile and take the free points.


Looking at the screen shot, I suspect it’s a deliberate means of taking points away from their weakest players to force attackers on to their stronger defences.

This is a strategy that was revealed in the thread @Duaneski shared - where an alliance has a large variance between their bottom and their top players, they ask the bottom players to field 1 man defence (near the edge just to make them a tad more annoying to kill). It’s a valid strategy, because now instead of the weakest teams (which would be a sure 1-visit win for the opponents anyway) costing you 30 or 40 points, it will now only cost 5 or 10. It also ‘suckers in’ opponents who are not aware that they should leave the 1 man defence alone and then waste a flag taking it out.

While it’s a valid strategy under current rules, I’m sure there’ll be an argument about whether it is ‘fair’.

It becomes a losing / stupid strategy if too many field 1 man, but it doesn’t look to be the case here.

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Never fear, it’s already being worked on. :wink:


It’s still silly. I don’t care what team you have, it’s not going to take me more than 2 flags to beat it if I start fresh. I’ll gladly use 2 flags to kill a team worth 160 because half of them use 1 hero, vs having to burn a possible 2 flags for the 80 they’d have otherwise.