So how many years to level 5*?

I’ve been playing about four months and I do buy some specials when they come around and have vip.

Well most of the 5* mats came after I was level 30. An strong enough to complete rare quests ( I used bomb attacks, meteors arrows to complete when I was around level 25 or so). Yeah I spend some. So for instance I just got the 27 dollar deal for 3000 gems and a tonic. Loot ticket deals I get ( just so much easier for Atlantis rises). Vip pass is a must but it’s cheap and I wouldn’t play this game without it. If your going to spend wait for the deals with AM - just plan ahead. Most importantly though I always moved up in Alliances when I could. You meet a lot of people and it isn’t hard to be a decent member that tries. I personally think the game is designed to give you the mats when your power level increases so leveling is key imho. They will come in bunches. Everyone says it’s rng- totally random but I’m not at all convinced of that myself.


How do I find a good alliance? Mine is steady but not many work hard. I’ve been busting my *** trying to get enough mats to get my 4*s fully ascended. I didn’t realize wars played that much of a role. BTW like them logs on that truck. Originally from Texas too.

Make a post in recruitment category on here. State what your looking for … x* titan, an alliance who uses all war flags. What is your defence Tp etc. Etc. State you level iof participation- serious player, casual, always hit titan and use 6 flags or whatever it is you do… you’ll be flooded with offers. Most will want you too download”line” app. Which is nice you’ll meet all kinds of players

I spent about 200€ in 10 months and I have no HOTM (as most of the money I spent were on gems + offers and out of ~ 70 pulls I got only one 5*) but I received 10 5* heroes in 4 months from TC 20. Out of those, I have maxed 3 of them and once I got 2 more telescopes, the 4th will be maxed. I have full mats for one purple and for all other elements, the 4* items needed are 4 out of 6. So, pretty close to have 2 5* heroes for each color.

And, to answer your question: it’ll take about half an year to get a rainbow 5* team. It takes some time to get them from TC 20 and then leveling up 260 levels (in total, for each hero) takes a lot of time, even with 2 heroes per hour, from TC 2.

Don’t forget: a good 4* + talent grid will be pretty close to a 5* team. The only 5* I used to pass Avalon’s legendary was Vivica. I used Proteus + Wilbur and I won every single stage from the first shot. :smile:



In the old days Boldtusk needed 4* ascension items. So lots of confusing changes.

3* ascension items

Eventually you have a lot of 3* ascension items because 4* ascension items so rare ( titan loot 9+ and Platinum/ Diamond chests ) and 5* heroes, and 4* troops, require insane amounts of food.

After 2 years of playing one of my accounts has

zero 5* 4.80,
5* 4.74 ( Vivica )
5* 4.50 ( Frida ) but
10x 4*+18, and
30x 60+ ( 4* 4.70, 5* 3.70, 4* 3.60, 5* 2.60 )

Play style

Gryphonkit, my wife, is all about maximum level ( 4* / 5* ) strong heroes but narrow breadth.

I usually recommend a more shallow, but broader, style when starting.


Click for notes

color stacking ( Empires’ hidden buff)

Color stacking




1* / 2* ascension items

Hero XP ( before Stronghold 21 and Atlantis Rising)


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Yeah. Don’t neglect the Mystic Vision.
So far, it had given me 2 d-blades, a tome, 2 tonics, a tabbard, 2 orbs and 4 capes among the rare items.


Cool. Thanks for the info. All I’ve seen in the recruitment area were alliances posting didn’t think about advertising myself. I’m usually top 2to 4 in Titan attacks and I fight them all and all wars. Raid tournaments are harder cause I don’t have that many heroes in all color categories. Short on reds. But I play hard.

You have line app? If you do what’s your I’d?

What’s the line app?

It’s a free app that allows you to chat ( chat rooms) most alliances run that. Share photos strategy etc. Down load from google … just punch in Line app. Create a profile. It’s simple

Thanks. I’ll look it up.

Downloaded it but can’t activate till i go to town. No cell service where I live. Gotta love the country life!!

Boldtusk needed 4* mats? Did all 4* heroes? How did you ascen d 5* heroes?

  1. Check the Recruitment section here on the Forum…look for alliances that are roughly in your ballpark for TP, cups, titans, etc, and that seem to be on the same wavelength as you.

  2. Check out AR Chat in game (prepare for the feeding frenzy, you can do it!)…State what you are looking for and see who is available. There are some really great alliances online throughout the day if you look.

  3. If you are on Line, request to be added to the AR Line groups (more than 5 out there). If you don’t know anyone, you can nudge me to hook you up: my ID is chibipotato16

  4. Be aware there are ALSO groups on Discord, Facebook, Reddit, etc. There are tons of ways to find an alliance if you look.

Good luck! :+1:

Somewhere on the forum is a screenshot of Joon’s final ascension before they revamped 4* ascension items.

I think it was in #community-content but it might have been #general-discussion .


Any clue where?

Oh gosh, that’s a needle in a haystack…wanna help me look?

EDIT: First pass was not promising. Tried “Joon final ascension” and got many many posts, but not the one you wanted. :confused:

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I found one from Nov 17 and it looks the same to me


Or do you mean it shows all the materials needed?

This was Mar 2017, when you ascended him then they gave you a cushion for when you feel like slamming your head/ device against the wall.

Plus I think the silver Daily summons token looked different.

Got the line app going. Username is Modisette

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