So how many years to level 5*?

I see videos of people with deeeep 5* rosters but it’s taken me 3+ months to get mats just to level up 2 4* to max, which I’ve not even completed yet, and I play multiple times a day. I’m looking at a roster of 10+ 5* heroes at 1.1 wondering if I’ll ever even level them. To be honest, that’s the biggest thing making me not spend any more money.

If I understand correctly the game has only been out a couple years, so how have these people managed to get 25+ leveled 5* heroes? If your answer is “money”, please make it constructive and elaborate further.

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These are my 5* after 18 months free play (not a word @Quarks123!)

It’s all about maximizing the chances you have for loot at your level and moving up when possible - biggest titans you can manage, an alliance that takes war seriously etc

And there’s plenty of luck involved, but you’ve got to be in it to win it.

And I’ve still got enough to max another purple, yellow and three red!

I’ve managed 27 maxxed 4* too

So it’s possible to do a lot of it without money. But I’ve made peace with the fact that HOTM and event heroes will be a very, very occasional treat at best.


Money, time and knowlege about game.

How they gets so many mats?
High starts titans,
buying offerts with 4* mats,
Spensing gems on skiping chests.

How they get so many 5* heroes?
TC20 but mainly pulls, many pulls=much money

What ,knowlege about game mean"?
They was farming in best places and using most efficient trainings in TC.

After 19 months of playing (F2P) I have:
7 maxed 5* (one more on last ascend)
I have mats for 5 5* from my roster
And 26 maxed 4* (one more on last ascend)


Once you reach level 30, you unlock the top tier of rare quests. There are seven rare quests that cycle every 10 days. Each one gives a 4* ascension item (tome of tactics, damascus blade, mystic rings, poison darts, royal tabard, mysterious potion, farsight telescope).

So every 70 days, you get the whole set of 4* items, if you complete all these quests.

Every 350 days (almost a year) you get 5x of these items, or about enough to level up a 5* of each colour (as you should have found a 6th along the way somewhere, over such a long period of time).

You just have to grind away.


… and if your building is maxed, have TC20 to stock ham, and many rectruit/feeder stock in TC11.
you can level *5 heroes in 30 minutes - 1 hour, and have all mats as mentioned by @ModernThinker Rare Quest guaranteed AM, and the rest come from Titan/Mistic Vision, War chest, etc.
So make sure we can finish all Rare Quest, usually using *4 heroes which is more cheaper then *5, so in compare almost 1x *5 hero material cost is 2x *4 hero.
So make deep bench variation *4 heroes is better. After we can finish all rare quest, start ascending one of our *5 hero, IMO.


Good to know! I think only the top tier of the emblem quests restrict anyone below level 30 as I have completed some of those 3rd tier rare quests for 4* AM. I’ve got 4 scopes and 4 rings already, but had some insane mystic vision and monster chest luck in there!


Good tips, thanks.

Thanks to Wu Kong (3.60) I can finish the rare quests without much trouble now. So I guess I’m nicely poised at the current moment and it’s just about waiting it out :slight_smile:


Yup. It’s a grind.

And as has been mentioned, getting into a strong alliance that does well at wars (faster war chests) and kills strong titans daily will also help. The higher titan loot you win, the more “rolls” you get with chances for those elusive 4* mats.


Been playing for a little over 10 months at xp46 with a mere four fully level 5 * and two others at level 4 xx.
Currently had enough mats to ascend three more 5 * (8 scopes, 8 tonics and 10 darts). Just waiting for the right heroes which I doubt will come anytime soon.
Patience is the key but being in a good alliance is equally important.
After all, it’s game. Just enjoy it.


Yeah, open chests as efficiently as possible. I just got Mystic Rings from a Raid chest, and even got Poison Darts from Mystic vision.

Yes, it’s down to luck, but give yourself as many chances as possible to get lucky.


This is not true I’ve done the last level since I was level 27

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It is true for the emblems one though


I just play the game

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My mistake
20 mea culpas

They started at a less stingy time

So drops were inarguably less rare?

I do believe I did get more unfarmable mats when I first started playing (roughly one year ago), but I have been corrected repeatedly by several more knowledgeable players who all fervently insisted that I was remembering things wrong.

There are two major factors that are (somewhat) within your control: how much money you spend, and what level titans your alliance is killing. Buy enough gems and you can just buy ascension mats whenever they pop up in the store (too much $$$ for me, and besides, even the regular spenders say those items don’t pop up very often). Kill bigger titans and you get more chances at ascension mats (that’s assuming that you have the ability to kill said titans, and the loot is still RNG based, so zero guarantees, especially if you have a weaker team than your alliance mates and end up with a lower score and reduced loot tier).

Ultimately though the biggest factor is and always has been RNG. Bigger titans? My first alliance fought mostly 3-4* titans and I think I got more unfarmables there than I’ve gotten since my current alliance started regularly taking down 5-6*. Now the game experts will tell you that 5-6* titans are still pretty weak and aren’t supposed to give you good loot, but occasionally some members of my team score some pretty nice loot from them (in spite of my score being much better than theirs and my loot being total crap). RNG at work. And also I recall a time when I would receive a compass, warm cape, etc. at least once a week from even the most mundane things - monster chests, killing a 3* titan, elemental chests (which I used to get 2-3 times a month and lately seems like once a month at best, and even then the loot doesn’t seem to be as good as it used to be - but I digress, once again I’m obviously “remembering it wrong” and viewing the past through rose colored glasses).

Any more, I have stopped depending on RNG to give me the mats I need. I just keep my eyes open for the quests and events that have guaranteed unfarmables as rewards, and try to complete every single one that I can, even if I don’t need that one particular item at the time. Because I know that I’ll need it eventually, and it’s always better to have it and not need it vs. needing it and not having it.


Somewhere less than 27 years


It’s probably a myth that drop rates were better back in the day… more then likely it’s because they were playing for a few years. The game to me really begins after level 30. Level your buildings hard and play a fair amount doing chests. Great advice from above- always move up to an alliance hitting the highest titans you can. It’s a daily shot at mats and you want to be hitting 9* or higher as fast as you can. Best tip I have for gameplay is use your 5* mats and emblems as wisely as you can- don’t waste on heroes just cause you only have so and so… it’s a grind you can wait say for A HOTM coming up or pull you plan next month etc. Treat the best 4* as part of your overall plan… Falcon BT Wilbur ( have 2 Wilbur) JACKAL (have 2 ) etc. You will need them well into level 50. I also believe the more you level the more the mats will come so treat Atlantis rising like an easy level up.


Excellent advice, I have built 5 x 4* teams and farmed the crap out of AR, yes I do spend some money and have VIP, I’m just about to start leveling my first 5*, long and slow is what all say and it’s true but the good advice from the forum has helped massively.


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