So how hard does zeline hit? Is she one of the best characters yet?

I know it’s fast mana vs slow.
And the dispel and attack debuff is well worth it.

But how hard does the 158% hit?
Is it close to skittle or horghall?

The numbers have her in the ball park.

And if you hit a perfectly reposted character does it reflect or is it dispelled already

Seems like she is a bit much considering AOE, FAST, 2 other perks.
Figured with all that her attack would be lower, or she would be fragile.

Compared to say a 4 star li xiue average speed 150% 615 damage mana redux. Dayum!

Riposte reflects the damage becore dispelling ala piercing strike

Zeline has a higher effective attack than Horghall (attack stat*special damage), but her attack debuff last 4 turns rather than 6. Oh, and she debuffs and is fast mana. On a per-tile basis, she does a LOT more damage. And she debuffs. Horghall is tankier, though.

Skittleskull does more absolute damage on the special, but less when you consider the slow v fast mana. Zeline does more tile damage and is tankier. And she debuffs.

She’s most similar to Kadilen, the unloved. Both are fast, AoE. Zeline hits harder and does more tile damage, while Kadilen is tankier. The big difference is the shield against specials vs debuff.

So, yah, Zeline is pretty great. Coming soon to a raid team near you!

Probably she take the second place away from Lianna and right after Alberich.

So, duh, not half bad.


I’m so excited for her! I have kadilen but don’t like her or use her as i have Alberich already but I want to get Zeline and run a double green for raids and swap her in for my lv 70 percious, who I’m dissapointed with.

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