So happy to have something new!

I am just so glad that they added ‘The road to Valor!’ I’ve seen SO many complaints about ‘why not this?, why not that?, why me?, why not you’?, ‘WHY’?! ‘WHY’?! ‘WHY’?.. Well, it’s really a very simple answer, ‘because you can please some of the people, some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people, all the time’. That’s when I say, "Thankyou for caring enough to try to please the some of us! I’m very happy you did all this. You get to make more money, & I get to earn more cool stuff, for all my dedication. And this game is usually reasonable in their pricing, compared to Game of Thrones, which you HAVE TO BE RICH TO WIN!? For reals
…I will NEVER win that game, so I will not play! (I’ve been feeling for awhile now, that the rewards haven’t been quite enough for what I put out to get them)?! I am just 1 tiny part of millions of parts that makes you a paycheck, after all, & we definitely deserve more perks, rewards, & things to do in-game.
So… Thankyou for seeing that as well, & thanks for the new add-on! Give us something to conquer, & we shall conquer it! :wink:


Not very eloquent, I know…lol

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Your :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: emoticon sorta alluded to your excitement and ‘eloquence’, all good. Good to hear you are happy about it lol


I agree! It’s a fun reward for doing random things I usually do anyway.


100% i’m loving it so nice to have something new to do.


Completely agree! These are things I do every day (Well, I may not hunt ducks EVERY day) and this gives a different level of purpose to them.

Things I appreciate:

  • Pricing: I was very worried the price would be too high, but this is comparable to 2 months of VIP. You have to put in more work, but the rewards are also higher.
  • There’s a reason to hunt ducks :grimacing:
  • Many of the daily and some of the PoV challenges can be done by beginners. While they may not finish, there’s still rewards along the way.
  • This has given my alliance something new to discuss in chat. There’s different strategies and thoughts on how to finish the challenges. For example, several of my alliance merc’d for the first time today. It was only to our training alliance, but they stepped out of their comfort zone to do it.

I’m still concerned about how the points add up, but I have to trust that SG has that figured out :blush:


Love this thread! It’s not very often that SGG gets thanks and appreciation for their hard work.

I’m pleased that PoV caters for all players, regardless of how much (or little) one spends.

No longer getting bored from farming whilst waiting for AR, RT, CE, etc. This month is full-on!

Also thank you for creating such an eloquent and positive post :blush:

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