So confusing and unfair

I have been noticing a lot of end game players blaming new players and new players blaming the end game players for the reasoning of the raid changes. Although I feel unaffected by the changes I want someone to point the finger at. Am I supposed to blame the players thinking about downloading the game or should I just blame @Petri? I’m really confused and upset that they didn’t think about us mid game players and give us someone to blame… Wait… am I mid game???


If you’re not part of the problem you ARE the problem. #MidGamePlayersFTW


I not blaming one of these guys. I just miss my 90/50k loots on ham/iron per raid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You can blame the upper level mid-game players for being above you and closer to the end game players, and the lower level mid-game players for being beneath you and closer to the new players.

Alternatively, if you are truly the fulcrum in the middle, you can read Lathe of Heaven again and blame the Psychiatrist. It was always his fault for changing things. :grin:


@DMP you might be on to something and I really appreciate the feed back but its just bot enough. I have waited an entire 10 minutes (!!!) and no Dev response!!! I think this article needs more attention to raise Dev attention. If I don’t get a Dev respoce soon for now on I will be waiting one day in between my v.I.p passes to in a way boycott the system. Also my stockpile of 5,000 gems will be setting right where they are… and no I’m not stockpiling for the Guardians summons.

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Think you @Rook its not what I wanted to hear but probably what I needed to hear. I thought I was going to have to tag @Brobb only because people are always trying their best to start a argument with her/him and I thought if it got enough attention I could get a response from the Devs. I think you have solved it for me but I would like to wait and see if maybe someone else could enlighten me before I start pointing the finger.

checks the tag behind your shirt

Ohhhhh! Mystery solved! If only I had done that first. Now I’m going to have to press the secret button…


Instead of railing against change learn to embrace it. While others are busy wailing, crying and flailing about, you can be the calm in the center of the storm finding your way through to take advantage of the chaos that surrounds you.


Which are just fancy words for keeping on ploughing regardless today’s crappy weather, but at least feeling good about it. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

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The entire raid system is garbage either needs a whole redo or just scrap the effing thing and add a new way to fill a chest what a joke

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You do realize we’re joking in here, right? :wink:

Just checking…


Yo momma is sooo…

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Also my alliance got matched up with another alliance that is 10k stronger then us. This is crazy. No wonder we are loosing by almost 100 points!!! @Petri I demand we win every war. @Rook before you say stay on topic this is so on topic.

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I demand that you post a puppy picture! :grin:

(Okay, back to topic)

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Have you tried feeding your 5* and 4* to your 3s to have an easier war? Or feed them all to Aife and create the ultimate 1. I hope this strategy works for you!


No no no! You’re doing it all wrong!!!

Don’t create just 1 ultimate Aife, create 30 (thirty). Each 5 will be a KILLER AOE TEAM OF DEATH!!! So what the defender has a revenge bar: you have 5 (five! omgzor!!).

And not just on offence: in your defense team instead of 1 revenge bar, you will have 6! (six! six! six! number of the beast!)

Also the description if you examine Aife’s hero card is totally misplaced. It says “village girl”, but it should say “bruiser at the Revenge Bar”.

Aife is a GODESS.

Matchmaking should be based on number of Aife’s. Just saying.

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Oh yeah we totally pulled of that war I think the matchmaking is on point and the devs have to leave it this way. I mean if we won it has to be fixed. Oh yeah we feed everything 3* 4* and 5*s to bane. I was told early on bane is the best so I started a alliance of only banes allowed. I’m looking for a new alliance just hate to leave these guys hanging.

It’s always the fault of short-sighted developers trying a chase a buck.

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