So can I ascend Clarissa [partially satire]

Balances/updates of heroes have happened before, and will happen again. YOLO!

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You right. Ascending now!

That’s the energy I needed.

I was kidding open it back up!


:+1: I’m going to go ahead and close this, now that you’ve arrived at a decision. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Zephyr thank you for re-opening this thread.


I’m reopening this, but I’ve indicated it’s partially satire, and am moving it to #community-content

If it devolves into another thread discussing the balance changes, it will be closed again.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yaaaaay give me a day of fame then I’m good. I’m cool with the move. Thanks.


Lol just call your lawyer they’ll take care of it, ask the others on the balance thread :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Shoot I might, I have one on retainer. It’s America, why not try.

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Community content apparently where post go to die.

Who would y’all pair with Clarissa?

Tell that to the “Count to the letter Giraffe before a Mod posts the number R” threads.


Ohhhh. I’ll check it out

For offense, anyone who casts DoT that isn’t poison sounds good for those who play 3-2. For those who do mono Purple she’s easily slotted in with any of your favorite purple heroes.

On defense, a center with Clarissa tank + Jean, Gravemaker, Rana, Vela etc. flanks would work well for the DoT stack. Clarissa to tank because Paladin class. Again basically anyone else with DoT that isn’t poison.

You can flank her with any of your favorite yellow heroes too, or put her as flank to your favorite yellow tank option.


He means these @Death4


I was thinking about just going ahead and pulling the trigger on Jean. Probably will since I have such bad reds.

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I like him a fair amount, and he’s my only red 5* other than Azlar.

I tend to use him off color more often than in a stack, because he’s not intrinsically suited to joining my other reds like Boldtusk, Wilbur, and Falcon, since none of them impact his DoT damage. They pair better with Scarlett and Azlar or Colen.

But he’s a nice general-use hero for Offense and Defense, and he’s a useful counter to defense debuffers.


I’m in the same boat, just got a 5th tabard and Clarissa is my only Dark 5*. It’s not about whether or not she’s good, it’s about whether or not there is a synergy that will be exploited. Telluria is not “that good” either. I beat a 3900 team with Telly +2 tank with my 3200 team, and I beat Vela every day. But the two together made a synergy that had both of them nerfed. Now the people who only had Telly or only had Vela are punished because of that synergy.

So can more experienced players think of any OP synergies Clarissa may have with someone? If she is a tank, would her extra damage to yellow be too devastating against a yellow stack? What if she’s added to GM-Telly-Vela as a wing? Basically, can you think of any reason why people would start crying to get her nerfed? I’m not too far from TC20, so I’d like to think ahead. Thanks.

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She will never be nerfed. Like I said, she is 80-85% of a Gravemaker and they refuse to nerf him. Clarissa is safe.

Don’t ascend any hero.
Could be nerfed afterwards.
Or ascend only the worst.
They could be buffed.
[partially satire]


But it seems like only the best hero’s are nerfed after they racked up all the money. Seems awfully bait and switchy to me…

Satire or not, I’m glad I didn’t have enough tonics to ascend Telluria. Right now, BT is tanking for me, and if post-nerf Telluria proves to be just a meatshield, I might wait for Lianna or Tarlak.

But I am worried about Clarissa now because I am close to having all the mats for her. And like I said before, I don’t think it’s about how good she is, it’s about whether or not she can exploit some sort of game mechanic just like Telly-Vela exploited color-stacking red.


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