So Apparently Kunchen and Ursena are Just Trash now Really?

The problem with Kunchen as tank has always been that he is fairly passive imo which is not to say he is garbage but that he doesn’t punish the opponent offensively.

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My main is still tanking with Ursena. I haven’t been able to max Telluria due the lack of tonics (and now I’m going to wait her new stats before maxing any green 5*)

I still stay easily over 2600 cups and that is enough for me. Ursena is still great tank, and flanked with Onatel really effective too.

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Yeah, diamond not worth it for me. At least not until I upgrade my bench from mostly 4s to mostly 5s. Then maybe I’ll take a crack at diamond.

My defense team is only slightly lower than my main rainbow attack team (different heroes, better suited for defense than offense, really). It’s actually higher than my color stacked attack teams, though. Which is okay. Because a color stacked team with a decent board can usually take down teams several hundred TP above their own.

Never had too much trouble with Kunchen. The others can be a bit of a pain, but not insurmountable. The dreaded Telluria… I’ve managed to take her down when she wasn’t heavily emblemed or flanked by other scary heroes. But man… I get a bad board against her? Next thing I know, the other team has 3 minions each and are healing themselves faster than I can destroy the minions. That’s just game over for me.

Which is fine. I don’t expect to be able to keep up with the best teams anyway. Like I said… I don’t have the bench for diamond anyway. Even if you take Vela and Telly out of the equation entirely, there are still going to be combos that are extremely difficult for me to beat. At least until I finish leveling a couple of the “experimental project beasts” I’m currently working on. :grin:

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Once that stuff starts, it’s all over! That’s where bravado completely fails for me!

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The first time i encountered her i had no idea! I didn’t even check her special and she went off and it was like she sucked the marrow out of my heroes bones or something. It was dreadful!!


She can be quite painful for a blind lady.

I have her +17 emblems. Her stats are 693/875/1545 and her spirit link gives her a bit of healing too. Takes really good table to take her fast down.

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Never mind. 20 times never mind. Ah, I just don’t mind.

Funny thing is both Malosie and Clarissa are better respectively against kunchen and Guin than Telluria. New heroes ensures that tell keeps ahead.

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@TGW the rebalance has made it easier to win vs GTVs, still tough but better chance to recover.

You have the right idea, even the top players have multiple C Rigards for wars, they’ll vastly improve your attack teams.

I’m not in beta but I think they’re going to introduce options for pulling troops.
Troops matter

Anyways, lot of people have stopped using Tell tanks, including myself. Keep up the good fight, good luck to you!! phighting

Oh to stay on topic, top heroes don’t just become useless. I’d love to get ursena, some day!!!
Sure, costume Rigard has become an alternative if you don’t have Kunchen, but it doesn’t stop you from being able to use him.

If you look through the history of Raids and Alliance War you will see how the tanks are changing through time.

I have been playing E&P for 27 months now, I was newbies during the launch of AW and you can imagine, there was no coordinated tank color at that time, until top alliances found out that coordinating the center tank color would give better chance for defensive line.

That was the start point where Gravemaker, as the center tank, dominated as the first pick for defensive line up of every alliances. Then thing changed when Aegir was debut… Tank changed gradually to blue and Aegir dominated as first pick for war defense team.

You know what, when people found out that Guinevere is suitable for Tank, Yellow became first pick as center tank for war defense team. When Kunchen debut, no wonder why players gradually changed the center tank to purple. With Ursena, purple was picked as the center tank until recently that GREEN has never had the chance to be the first pick for AW center tank in defense team. Telluria has to be extremely buffed in order that it will give advantages for the owner and gradually migrate the center tank away from purple to green.

The devs strategy seems to be correct, but Telluria was to buffy and got nerfed finally…hahaha. For me, green will stay as tank for a while since, Magaret is buffed, Kadilen costume is extremely wonderful, Kingston and Evelyn including other classic heroes are not bad either.

Things come and go, do not trash Kunchen or Ursena. At least you can use them in different aspect of the game.

I can’t vouch for Kunchen as I don’t have him.

BUT, Ursena… She is still a top tier hero! (I could even argue that she is among the top 3 purples in the game, and definitely among the top 5 tanks in the game.)

One of the very best tanks (if not the best) cannot just become “trash” in a matter of months.

My $0.02.


Funny subject!

I had the BEST moment ever receiving Ursena on Atlantis at the last minute and greeted with 2 Tellurias on a 30x it was after a long drought trying Ursena. Such a blessing but little did i know she was about to become obsolete.

As a tank she was amazing, but Telly puts her under her wings easily. Flank she is also a pain, but Vela GM combo is brutal so this is where we are at. For att she is not as effective as Mistuko imo because her special becomes too weak with 130% and we face Tellurias today.

Best moment ever at the the end of her reign.

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