So Apparently Kunchen and Ursena are Just Trash now Really?

yeah it gets kind of old when every thread you go to turns into a Telluria discussion about if she needs a nerf or not.


That’s basically my assessment as well.

Malosi is an excellent counter to Kunchen, and my success rate against Kunchen has increased dramatically since Malosi has been leveled up.

Malosi also is a pretty good counter with respect to Telluria, as all that’s left is the healing and minion (which still are good).

As far as Ursena goes, she still causes me a lot of trouble. Malosi helps a bit IF you can fire him first. If not that yellow reflect power of Ursena counters Malosi quite well.

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Now now, Kunchen and Ursena aren’t trash. They are still somewhat annoying to me with my roster.

But then… I’m platinum… soooo…

When I first started playing, the roster I have now would have probably been good enough to compete in diamond. Back then I had mostly 3* heroes and I was struggling between silver and gold. Now you practically need a minimum of five maxed 4* heroes just to stay in gold. Toss a couple of 5* ringers in there, especially good ones, and you might get to hold onto platinum.

Game has changed a lot. IMO it’s become a lot harder for lower spenders to try to keep up with the higher spenders. I know I definitely feel like I’ve been “knocked down a tier” from where I would have placed a year ago. But…? I suppose that’s the point. The new heroes are supposed to be better than the older ones, and we’re supposed to keep buying them. Makes it really hard to try to keep up if you don’t keep spending… but again. That’s kinda the point. :man_shrugging:


It’s hype, that’s all. It’s the general attitude today: you’re either GOAT or you’re trash, there is no middle. Happens all the time in sports nowadays - legends get disrespected as soon as new hot sh!t shows up. Tomorrow, they’ll come up with a new tank just so people keep chasing pulls, and people will start sh!tting on Telluria.

So no, Kunchen and Ursena are not trash, just because you don’t have a Bugatti, doesn’t mean your Ferrari is trash, does it? I honestly couldn’t care less about my tank. I have a Telly, and I don’t get to play her. I want to have fun, and I have fun actually using a hero, not leaving them overnight to make life miserable for others. Defense team is like spinning rims - “…from inside the car, you can’t even see them spin.” - Katt Williams


With my roster, I find Ursena way more dangerous as Telly flank than Vela or GM. I use Grazul / Zim to counter the big-3 pretty well.

But I still find it hard to recover from Ursena attack. And she does pretty often hidden behind Telly.

She’s still a beast.

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It’s okay with me if you use your Telly. I probably would if I had her. The reality is that Telly exists and a lot of players have her. They’re going to use her, eventually. If that means that it makes life harder for those who don’t have her? So be it.

I go back and forth when it comes to cups. On the one hand, I’m the leader of my alliance, I feel it’s like… my duty or something… to have the highest cup count. Even though I hate doing raids in general, and I don’t have most of the META heroes. I still for some foolish reason judge my game self worth based on how many cups I have. When I absolutely shouldn’t. Who freaking cares, seriously? Why should I have to work my ■■■ off and burn through a bunch of raid refill flasks trying to beat teams that have Gravemaker / Telluria / Vela when I have none of those? Am I supposed to beat myself up just because I’m not able to beat them with my roster? Well if that’s the case, you can expect thousands of people to say “F this” and quit the game.

Nah. What I expect? I expect that eventually all the GM/Telly/Vela people will raid themselves up to 3000 cups and then proceed to beat each other up over and over again until they get bored. Then they’ll probably cup drop down to my level just for ■■■■■ and giggles and beat up on me… and, if I’m lucky enough to catch them off guard, I just might take 60 of their cups. Only to get knocked back down again later, of course.

But that’s fine. The winners can all enjoy their Kobe beef and filet mignon, I’ll satisfy myself with bacon cheeseburgers. Whilst trying to not be so hard on myself for not being able to afford Kobe beef and filet mignon. Reality is, I’m probably not missing much anyway. I can get the same buzz from a bottle of Korbel as I can from a bottle of Cristal, after all. :grin:


Moving from Platinum to Diamond is an achievement and as such it might take a bit of work. All the whining about it being hard to attain is a bit stale by now. Improve your game, reroll, improve your heroes, improve your troops (this probably most of all), but most of all, improve your patience.

As for any tank being obsolete? I say nope. There are still many good tanks out there. Honestly, I don’t want my defense to gain cups. I like revenging. I really liked it when the cup differential was in my favor. I could afford to lose as I learned.

It may be me but the boards do seem a bit streaky lately. That has made even weaker tanks successful against me lately :man_shrugging: I change my attack team and go at them again. Ain’t no tank trash these days.

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I’d rather face Telluria in a raid than Ursena.

If someone told me Kunchen and Ursena were top tier heroes but are now worthless, I think my conclusion would be either:

  • That person is so prone to hyperbole that they can’t effectively communicate their ideas, or
  • That person has so little critical facility for evaluating heroes that I should not place any stock in their opinions.

Fair enough, I suppose. And I’m not really whining. Just accepted that it’s not attainable for me.

Patience, fair enough. I’ve been playing for 20 months now, what’s another 20 more? I’ve reached the point to where I don’t even care if I never reach diamond.

What I’m not going to do is spend hundreds of dollars chasing it. In fact, I’m not spending any more money chasing it.

“Improve my game”… I know how to match tiles, I know how to color stack, I know how certain heroes work better with others etc. But c’mon. Let’s be real. We have the heroes we were dealt. We improve them as far as we’re able to with the mats we’re lucky enough to get. Same with troops. (btw, if you know of a quick way to level up troops without spending money? let me know, because these SOBs are taking forever)

For reference: my roster (only listing 4* and 5* heroes)


Richard 4/80
Miki 3/70
Agwe 4/70
Grimm 4/70
Sonya 4/70
Kiril 3/60
Boril 3/60


Marjana 4/80
Santa 3/54
Boldtusk 4/70
Scarlett 4/70
Colen 4/70
Gormek 4/70
Kelile 3/60
Boldtusk (costumed) way below


Lianna 4/80
Kadilen 2/56
Elkanen 1/22
Melendor 4/70
Kashhrek 4/70
Little John 4/70
Buddy 3/60
Caedmon 3/60
Skittleskull 2/31
Gadeirus 1/1
Melendor (costumed) 1/1


Obakan 4/80
Rigard 4/70
Cyprian 4/70
Ameonna 4/70
Tiburtus 4/70
Rigard (costumed) 4/? (work in progress)
Sabina 3/60
Gafar 3/60
Grimble 1/1


Leonidas 3/70
Malosi 2/37
Wu Kong 4/70
Li Xiu 4/70
Chao 4/70
Chao #2 4/70
Hu Tao 3/60
Li Xiu #2 3/60

4* Troops:

Green - lvl 10 mana
Purple - lvl 8 crit
Red - lvl 17 crit, level 4 mana, level 1 crit
Blue - none
Yellow - lvl 14 crit, level 9 mana

If you know of a way to assemble this garbage heap into some sort of diamond level team, I am all ears.

Besides of course “keep leveling Malosi, costumed Rigard, and your 4* mana troops”, because that’s what I’m already doing, but these things take time.

Yup, it takes time. It just gets old hearing about it in every thread.

Try going wide on your troops. Finish your 4* before your 5*.

20 months in should be enough time to try those things.

Best of luck.

No way to hold Diamond with your lvled heroes and troops. You want at least 10 5*, and a good tank on max lvl to achieve that as well as a lvl 10+ 4* troop in each color. It took me ~1 1/2 year to get there.

Most important to see progression is chest farming and titans. (10* should be fine at your lvl) It should be your priority to reach 13/14* titans. Therefore you need some key 4* and 5* like Boldtusk, Buddy, (Miki!!! Use him on each titan!). Your roster shows you’ve done a great job so far! You’ve got some great Heroes, staple S1 Snipers and HoMs. Stay patient its a marathon not a sprint :slight_smile:

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Yes, every hero but Tell is trash now. You will win every event, every raid, every quest, everything at all with just 5 Tellurias. So feed Kun, Ursl and all your other heroes to some dupes of her and you’ll never lose again, don’t have to summon any longer and don’t have to do anything anymore in the game. Yeah.


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In my defense, I’ve had really awful luck when it comes to pulls.

Took me 6 months before I pulled my first 5*.

Most of my first year was spent leveling up 3* and 4* heroes for war bench depth.

Still have yet to pull a single 4* blue troop from all the ETTs I’ve accumulated in that time.

I don’t even care anymore if I never get to diamond tier. But is it my fault that I was never lucky enough to pull a Guin, Telly, Vela, GM, etc.? I’ve spent some money (more than I ever intended to, but less than probably most here). The odds are the odds. Some people pull 2 HotMs in a single pull. Some people do hundreds of pulls and never get a HotM.

wink wink nudge nudge those “in the know” know who I’m talking about

We are all at the mercy of RNG.

Exactly! It’s not even remotely feasible.

Trying to. That’s the goal, but the game only wants to give me 3* troops from my ETT. When I’m lucky enough to actually pull one. Which is almost never.

And on the very rare chance that I am lucky enough to pull a 4* troop? Of course it’s not going to be the color I need.

I use Miki for every titan. I’m usually the top scorer for most titans in my alliance. Also usually the highest cup holder, and top AW scorer. :heart: Miki and Boldtusk both.

But I also :heart: my alliance. Small group of 14. We mostly fight 5-6* titans. I’m not looking for a bigger alliance. Been in bigger alliances. Ironically my first alliance with 30 members could barely take down a 5* titan. I’m now able to take a 25% chunk out of a 5* titan on my own without using flasks.

I started my current alliance pretty much from scratch, recruiting people I knew IRL who knew absolutely nothing about the game. Most of them spent nothing (think a couple of them bought some of the cheap offers). Half of them are now in platinum tier, just below me (occasionally even passing me). I’d sooner sever one of my own limbs than abandon them.

We may not be much, but we’re family.


You already have the defense to open diamond chests, Lianna Boldtusk Richard Obakan Marjana. Your problem is in attacking. Greens and yellows are poor, so they will take some time, but you can still use green as a secondary color with Melendor and Lianna. Advance Kiril and Sabina as a priority. Apply emblems judiciously; on your 4* heroes that you use to attack. Reroll to find slow tanks or outright weak opponents. Elena and other slow tanks abound. Yes, they can be risky, but you’ll gain cups, fill chests. Do revenges and tournament at the end of your run. Practice using mono. Get some experience in which tanks are more fragile. For example, if I take mono purple, I can expect Onatel to survive three tiles and fall to the fourth.


Good tips. And I have practiced a bit with mono… oftentimes with astounding success. But you know how the boards can be sometimes.

I’ve gotten as high as 2378 in cups.

Sooooo close, right? It’s definitely theoretically possible for me to get there (to diamond tier). Not really possible to stay there, unless I never log off.

I’m not usually a fan of raiding people who didn’t raid me first. I think it’s kind of rude, for one. Plus, there’s always the off chance that they’ll come back for revenge and smack me way back down to where I belong. Which is kind of my point. I am where I belong. I’m quite content to stay there until my team is firmly good enough to progress further.

Going back to the original discussion, Kunchen and Ursena? I find them both to be challenging opponents, but not undefeatable. They’re fun to fight. I know they’ll put up a good fight. I also know they’re not going to wipe my entire team in 3 turns like some other hero combinations will. They’re very solid opponents at my level.

But then, many would consider my level to be trash. So… :man_shrugging:

FWIW, I’d still gladly accept a Kunchen or Ursena into my roster any day.

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This is interesting because until relatively recently I may have said the same thing (on some issues i do say the same thing still!). Cups used to cause me so much stress until some wise forum member advised me not to use just a good defense, but my best credible defense. Now my defense team is not remotely amazing but come to the party without a dispeller and a mana controller, you may have a bad day. This week last gone? I just didn’t feel inclined to raid, but that’s fine because by the end of the week i had picked up a nett gain of ~13 cups so clearly, my best strategy is just to not go out and lose them all the time!! I just hover around lower to mid platinum and I can see no benefit (loot) in being in Diamond; too much hard work!

Ursena? I am rarely happy to see Ursena. Her, Seshat and that miserable Onatel… Give me an Athena or an Ariel to get proxy revenge on any day.

Kunchen? Never really bothered me (because he wasn’t a target I could meaningfully attack)! The first time I think i encountered him where it just wasn’t awful for me is when his owner had put him on a wing during Field Aid and he just stood there barely charging while i just sniped his team mates away. Then, 3 tiles clipped him and he was suddenly all ready to go (but if you are the last hero standing, who are you going to heal exactly?) and so I hit him too. It was very satisfying. Since then i find it hard to see him as threatening.


Some people can’t help but compare and rate heroes against what’s currently number one. You could see a lot of that attitude in the recent Clarissa Beta thread when they nerfed her DoT just prior to release, because somehow not having exactly as much DoT as Gravemaker made her all but useless?! Nonsense! Ursena, Guin and the rest of the top tier tanks are just as good now as they were a few months ago before Telluria released.

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In response to the title of the thread alone…

Yep. Kunchen and Ursena are rubbish now. I can take an unleveled Aife and kill them both with one off-colour tile. Even though the tile doesn’t hit them. :stuck_out_tongue:


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