So Apparently Kunchen and Ursena are Just Trash now Really?

So I have seen it said in a few various places that apparently with Telluria the new Meta Kunchen and Ursena are just trash heros now.

I find this somewhat frustrating I mean Both Kunchen and Ursena have been easily top five for best heros in the game previously, maybe they now been knocked down into top ten, or maybe their is a debate to be had for them to be top five? The top 3 spots obviously would go Telluria Gravemaker Then Vela.

I just find it rather odd to hear people saying they are just trash now. I have seen this said in various places. I mean seriously is this just a few outliers or do the community as a whole now consider Kunchen and Ursena to be obsolete trash now?

I do not btw just curious on thoughts from others.

They aren’t trash but they were outranked by Telluria for the tank’s spot.


Well Obviously their is no contest for Telluria in the tank spot. but I would Think both heros could still work well on a defence team in another position too? also these Heros are good for attacking right?

I would say as far as tanks go they are definitely in the top 5. Ursena is still on my defense team with Telluria and honestly I haven’t seen much of a difference in cups since switching. Maybe I stay more comfortably in the mid 2600’s than before when I was in the high 2500’s. But Ursena has been great on flank or wing for me

Haters gonna hate…20 hates

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Of course, they are still good for attacks and Ursena is a very good flank.
Kunchen might be swapped for another damaging hero out of the Telluria defenses tough.


Power creep. Standard cash grab process for devs.


I’ve never seen Ursena as a big factor in a defense, but both she and Kunchen are good enough. If you’re worried about tanks, hope that the coming heroes will be both useful for attacking Telluria and as improved companions for Kunchen and other non-Telly tanks.

For the record I have neither and have chased both before. I have Telluria and Gravemaker now (pulled him yesterday yay).

My girlfriend pulled Kunchen way way back and was so proud of him and she was never able to pull Telluria or gravemaker. She got upset feeling like Kunchen was Obsolete when so many people were trashing Kunchen and Ursena. I think they are both still top ten.

The issue is if Kunchen and Ursena were considered Obsolete and no good anymore then how long before Telluria and Gravemaker are undone?

There will likely always be a power creep in the game otherwise how would small Giant make money and how much longer would the game remain entertaining? This is to be expected the only issue is the pace if it is gradual then this is ok. If it is rapid then not cool. two top ten ranking heros been made obsolete in a month or two would be concerning. A year or two would not.

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Definitely not trash, just replaced as tanks by a better suited hero. They’ll still be used by people who didn’t pull Telly, and can be used on flank also.

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Just because they aren’t the BEST tanks in the game anymore doesn’t mean they are trash. I still hate fighting vs Ursena and Kunchen is my beast of a tank. I have Telly but haven’t leveled her yet…it will happen soon. Then I will have some decisions to make.


Don’t forget as people re-arrange emblems to combat gm/tell/Vella it enhances kutchen / ursena as tanks as less likely to be emblems against heroes that combat them

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IMHO, Ursena is a better tank…but when Tellie is with Vela that combo is best.

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I have my Malosi at around 3.70 and mana troops for him and Jackal and have no problem with Kunchen now. Ursena has taken a hit too but still can be dangerous.

I haven’t seen anyone refer to them as trash. That’s like saying Nadal is trash because he wasn’t quite as good as Federer. A lot of people don’t have Telly. And both Ursena and Kunchen are quite capable of keeping you in diamond which is all your tank needs to do. Ursena in particular is still a monster, and she can be useful on attack too. Don’t let one change to the top level meta cause you to dismiss perfectly strong heroes.


I use Ursena as a flank now instead of tank. I love her.

Don’t worry. Soon there will be a new favorite tank in town who makes Telluria look like trash. You can bet your entire bank account on it.

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Well, I both haven’t heard it before now (but then i probably don’t mix in those circles either and i don’t believe it!) For me, Plant Hero! (Telluria) is not huge deal although i don’t feel delighted when they turn up. Ursena is just nasty and never makes me happy (unless things go my way and i have 2 x 3 sets of yellow tiles ready to go when we kick off)! Who would have thought? Kind of like Plant Hero!, just with yellow tiles instead of red!

Trash because they are outclassed in the most irrelevant part of the game which is defense…ok.

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Another Telly Thread! Hooray!

Not sure why I want her to be nerfed actually: To re-establish game balance or this 1001 Telly threads to end…

Please. Use. Existing. Threads.


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