So apparently alliance espionage is a thing now, because why not?

Not very cool I’ve already heard of this unfortunately.

Hi we had the same thing happen with us a couple of AWar ago like you we have closed the door which is something I had not wanted to do but as my Co-Leader stated it had to be done I really don’t get it why bother spying on the team your playing against because simply put the puzzle board is the option we all use and can not control how they fall.

Since then we have not opened our doors as we are also tired of players joining and then stop playing which again causes a problem of valuable space that could be used for an active player. I had to change the rule for inactive players I use to keep it to 30 days but then we had an influx of players who joined and then stopped playing that was 10 spots lost to inactive players so I changed the rules and they get booted after 15 days this allows for anything thta may be happening in RL to settle down and return.

But spy’s and inactive players can spoil the fun for everyone.

Other alliance is curious to see what’s going on in yours. They want to know if everyone in your alliance is planning on using all of their flags. They want to know if your members have strong benches behind their defense teams. They want to know if your alliance is using their best flags first, or saving flags for the second half. Stuff like that.

Ultimately it doesn’t really make any difference as long as both alliances try their hardest - sadly, I think some alliances only try as hard as they think they have to. As evidenced by many that my alliance has fought against… they secured a 3000+ point lead above us, and stopped trying. Until we came in towards the end and reset their board a couple of times, sending them scrambling to use up the rest of their flags to try to catch up at the last minute.

If they had just used all of their flags efficiently in the first place, they wouldn’t have needed to worry about what we were or weren’t going to do. They were trying to be lazy and win without using all of their flags. If I had allowed a spy to join, they would have seen that we were planning a late stage blitzkrieg. And, well, I happen to think that it’s more fun for the both of us when it comes as a last minute surprise. :grin:

Invite only is the way to go.

Unless you take a sadistic pleasure in firing people.

Did you win that war?

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That was actually my war strategy for virtually every war. And we won the vast majority in the beginning. Until our war score went up too high, then most of the opponents we had to face were one shotting us left and right, because… well… most of my guys were level 25-30, and we started getting matched against teams that were mostly level 50+. Even the best strategies in the world can’t make up for that difference. :man_shrugging:

I never once let in a spy. Strictly Invite Only. If I don’t know you, you ain’t getting in. Period. Not like there’s a huge rush of people trying to get into my mid level ragtag crew, but we did used to get join requests almost daily, until I changed our cup requirement to 4000 (as was suggested to me by someone else here on the forum). Before that, every single war day, without fail, we’d have at least one “random” new player requesting to join us shortly before the start of the war. When I say new player, I mean an account that was created that day.

Now sure, it’s entirely possible that someone just happened to start playing the game on that very day, and out of the thousands of open alliances they could have joined, they instead specifically chose my random, insignificant, Invite-Only mid-level alliance to try to join…? :thinking:

Riiiight because that’s not at all suspicious. :roll_eyes:

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Agreed, totally normal :+1:

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Hi… My condolences, we particularly, more particularly had the exact same thing recently happen where a high lvl player joined us, waited for match making to conclude, then change his war defense team to something incredibly rediculous and abused some players, then left, but didn’t go back to his alliance, waited a few hours then rejoined his original alliance, he was reported in game… THOUGH THIS IS NOT ENOUGH as this was evil and very manipulating and calculated. As this was clearly a selfish selfish act this particular player has been named and shamed and community warned in social media. We furthermore have a YouTuber that recorded all the messages and screenshots, the movements of this awful player and made a whole video posted up in May and rightfully so name and shame and most importantly warn the community of this specific and awful type of game play. Yeah ofcourse, someone joins and doesn’t use flags or leaves, it’s a pain yes but has happened so just move on, HOWEVER, a specific type of garbage joins your alliance, swears and abuses your team after match making is concluded, change defense team to something incredibly weak, then leave and take time to rejoin their original alliance? No way, just as well we have social medialists and a YouTuber that documented everything and posted it all up. Have a look on YouTube, most might have seen it already.


This is the first time that I heard such an evil behavior.
I should tell friends in my country community.

Sorry but this makes absolutely no sense. Players joining after matchmaking cannot participate in that war and players joining before it have no idea what alliance you will be matched with. Either way, this doesn’t belong in this thread.

I can imagine someone who ‘sabotages’ you out of spite but that has nothing to do with your war opponent or spying.


The only plausible reason I can think of to spy is if you’re fortunate enough to join an alliance that is specifically talking about what colors their individual players are weak against? If most of the alliances red teams are weak, you relay to your alliance to set green tanks? That sounds incredibly far fetched but it would garner a distinct advantage defensively.

I don’t know if anyone has said this already, but if there was no attack during War than that was a bitter ex-member. He did you dirty by leaving a ghost team on your battlefield as free points for your opponents to cause you to lose. I had to change my alliance from open to invite only due players popping in & out of my alliance and leaving a ghost team on the battlefield. I’ve also had a group of players pop into my alliance speaking a foreign language and made a joke about it in English. “Invite only”, only stops “knock knock is anyone home”, childish behavior. Unfortunately, it does absolutely nothing when it comes to War shenanigans because we can’t tell who we’re letting in. So SG needs to get on the ball and give alliance leaders the ability to boot these War Wreckers. Being invite only has hurt recruitment because people look at it as a snob alliance or strictly pay to play. That’s my 2 cents.

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I guess people don’t understand that War matchmaking is just as random as awarded loot and hero summons results. We can’t pop in & out of War the same way as an alliance. And the most important part is that spying doesn’t give your opponent 6 teams of the best fully leveled heroes and the skill to get the most out them and the board to be hands down Victorious. :slight_smile:

Way off topic, but Chod A. Boy, that avatar is sooo Berlin club scene that I have a hard time about your feeling violated sorry but still lol

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I’m thinking of becoming a double agent.

Confuse everyone equally.

Isn’t that like a double negative so you’d actually be doing just the right thing?

Or is it??

Those guys want me to tell you that I know that you know that we know stuff :wink: :wink:

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We had a spy join our alliance. As to not name and shame I’ll disguise his name as BigLordG.

First he infiltrated an alliance in our family before us. He stayed there a while. Eventually worked his way up to our alliance due to strong game play and communication. His wife plays, too, and she also joined the alliance. Worked her way up, as well. She eventually went back down to the other family alliance and is still there, probably so the two of them can conspire to take out both alliances from the inside, but also because she’s in health care and keeps busy IRL. We eventually promoted him to co-lead because he was an active member and strong player. Been with us a long time, too. But once, we had a titan pass, and he went to report to some Greek alliance, his REAL alliance, I presume. He came back the next day and has been continuing to spy since. He’ll have been spying on us for about a year now, I think… he’s committed, I’ll give him that.

I’d just resorted to providing him with false information at every turn since he’s joined, as to keep our alliance secrets safe. Little does he know, I’ve been reporting everything back to another alliance, too, since I joined long before him. Every opportunity I’ve had to take down my allliance from the inside, I’ve taken it. And one of these days I’m going to expose him as the spy that he is.

But really, are there no depths to how low a spy can go?!


Did you hear that? That was the sound of a mind being blown…

So here’s how a double agent would work:

I sneak into the Alliance all quiet like…then I see they are looking to go all Purple tank…this is big news! We expected Green…

So I relay back the secrets “Guys, totally left field but they are going Red tanks”.

Excellent…part one of the mission done.

Then I say “Hey everyone, Sorry but I’m a spy for the other team but just so it’s fair, we are going Blue tank”

Then I go back to my alliance and say I told them we were going Green tank so let’s flip that and go Blue tank to catch them out

Then I go back to the other alliance and say I told them you guys were going Blue tank, so expect yellow tanks. Confused yet? Good it’s working.

And then after we had a good laugh at the results everyone realised that knowing this stuff made absolutely no difference and we all just had a war like normal


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