So apparently alliance espionage is a thing now, because why not?

A lot of things that a lot of people never thought would happen, have happened.

Maybe so, but I cannot remember a single thing I’ve forgotten, so maybe not?


I get that motive for spying. Not sure how effective it is really.

Someone else asked if unnerving the other team was the intent. I commented that if that was the intent then waiting until the war was over was kind of the wrong way to go about it. Sorry if that was too subtle for you.

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It needed memes…:grimacing:



Was the best I could come up with at the spur of the moment… :man_shrugging:



However, since you didn’t actually address that commenter & instead chose to make a general reply, me addressing that comment is exactly what happened. Sorry if my crystal ball wasn’t working, to show us your intent. :joy:

Some of my funnest moments in the game were on a little level 12 account I had named (alliance)Spy. Would join the other alliance and act innocent when caught and then would have laughs with the other group until war start. Met lots of fun peeps this way and we keep our doors open if someone else wants to do it. Will admit there were a few alliances who were a little leery so we would chat a few minutes and I would leave and visit again after the war.


What if learning about the enemy coordinating tanks isn’t about arranging attack teams but is rather them learning the principle of forcing the enemy to exhaust one of their elements, which they never considered because they don’t have SG forum accounts?

What if them learning about tank coordination from infiltration of their enemy’s chat was the difference that kept them from losing in ignorance?

If it was me I’d post it lol.

Within the context of spying on an alliance, I don’t think it makes sense. Undoubtedly it’s because the way I see it is like China sending a spy into the USA to find out who their president is. If the spying alliance doesn’t have anyone who can muster up that fabled martial art of Google-fu, then… :thinking::man_shrugging:

Sure, they can do that if they want. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me when there are far easier ways of obtaining that specific piece of information.

A spy does make sense if they’re trying to find out something which isn’t public knowledge. I’ll return to NittanyLionRoar who made a video on war strategies as my prime example. He does mention he wants to keep their war strategy secret. Since it isn’t public knowledge then it might be worth infiltrating his alliance to find out what it is.


While they might be minor, there are definite advantages to spying, such as knowing the opponent’s war teams up to 24 hours before the war starts (assuming there’s a reason why we can’t see the opposing teams on the battlefield beforehand). If you use group chat for strategy planning, they’re privy to all of that, too.

I found another thread on this from last year. Mods, feel free to merge if you want (as long as I don’t lose my “Nice Topic” badge as a result :wink:.

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No way! Your title is way more creative!! Let’s keep the topics separate…social distancing and all.


I used to face the spy case in the past. I used to report the case, I was furious about it. It was unethical to spy, blah blah blah.

You know what, your opponent will get lots of information to digest, but they will never know that indeed the TILES WILL GO FOR OR AGAINST their team…


Well if our alliance would get a spy, there could be some guys talking how player x hasn’t attacked this time either, or another one is again leaving 2 hits. Then the spy could report this and the opposing team could count points and go for easier opponents if they know there’s a good chance that 8 hits are going to be not used and win with sure points in tight situation

Blame discourse. I replied to that comment but because it immediately followed that comment the reply-to flag was removed by the system.

Besides the psychological aspect, I’ve only been able to think of one very specific scenario where spying could be useful.

Some alliances use a grid pattern to plan coordinated attacks - especially where there is a language barrier (ex. English vs Russian alliances). If there is a spy in an alliance that is planning a coordinated attack (specific time and specific targets), the spy can relay this information back to his alliance. When the attack is about the start, his alliance can scramble the board by promoting/demoting and cause mass confusion with the grid pattern and targets.

Again, this is a very specific scenario that I don’t think is used by many alliances. I’m not sure it’s worth the effort of sending in a spy each war, but to each their own… :woman_shrugging:


I should note that there were other hints that the alliance we were facing wasn’t quite kosher. Everyone but their leader was a co-leader, save one elder, and the leader apparently only joined the alliance the previous day. So most likely part of a family of alliances. All of them were between level 35 and 47.

Whether or not this weird reshuffling helped them exploit the known weaknesses in the matchmaking system is beyond my ability to judge.

Wars on my league right now are 30 teams made by Finley.gravemaker.telluria.vela.jabber so we dont need to get into other people alliance for knowing their teams. Lol thanks to sgg


Sounds like you went up against one of those alliance who used the war shuffle to win wars. Since war matching takes into account past history - and new alliance don’t have any - some alliances create a new alliance, fill a chest, then go create another one. This takes advantage of the lack of history for war matching and gives them significantly better matches.

Another iteration of this is having 2 alliances. 1 with some alts that tank all wars so the war scores bottom out. The other one (with the main accounts) wins. Once the winning alliance fills their chest, they switch alliances. Since the war score stays with the alliance, the winning team is now in the losing alliance and has a horrible alliance score so will get great matches. The losers go to the winning alliance and tank the score there (since they’re alts, who cares??).

Regardless, sounds like you got hit with one of these alliances. Had that happen to our training alliance a couple times and even in our higher-level main alliance. Pretty obvious when everyone is brand new :roll_eyes:

This and totally this. My alliance will actually engage in War Chat over Line App if the other side is willing. We share videos and talk smack and even call out people to attack us. It is a ton of fun. We are in the Top 150 alliances and couldn’t care less if someone spied on us during war.

However, there was this xxxxxx canoe that really got me HOT when he joined for a couple of days, got the line ID’s for everyone, left for another alliance, and attempted to recruit from our ranks. I say attempted because to a person, everyone just laughed at him when contacted.

There’s not a ton that can be done about these folks and I can understand feeling violated. Just know that this really doesn’t do anything for them and they will get bored and move on sooner rather than later.

Happy Warring and Good Luck!


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