So apparently alliance espionage is a thing now, because why not?

Your alliance sounds nicer than mine. We usually trash talked each other and ended conversations by saying things like “You’re so lucky they don’t allow friendly fire…” :rofl:

I can only imagine how confused a spy would be: “I think the other team would help us kill them???”


Yeah mine is just a load of friendly casuals. About 15 of them have never said a word…the others just chat amongst themselves

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I guess I’m a fan of a bird in hand. Because of possible connectivity issues, I’m not a fan of waiting for the last minute. I’d hate to lose a war because we waited until the last minute and something out of our hands happened and we lost the war.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand your thinking, it’s just that even without knowing your conversation, he could make a guess on likely targets. I do that all the time by looking at the previous attacks by the players and guessing whether they be successful in getting x points based on what targets we have available.

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Yeah the one on their end did indeed do like you would. He chose a rather safe target and probably thought that we would lose or maybe even not come online again. If the player in our team hadn’t joined our LINE team we would have lost. We don’t discuss strategy there often since only half of our members use it.

I would have bet against us winning that last battle too if their tank had been at full health. But since their Frida was rather damaged it ended up being easier than I thought. It was a sound decision really, just didn’t pay off this time.

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The reward he got from it was knowing he wasn’t actually part of their alliance and enjoying being able to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. An apt metaphor since he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

The real joy he got was in being able to tell them at the end, feeling superior for causing disruption to the alliance.


The only info a spy would get from me is when the board gods are messing around again and cause me to curse in the chat.


You just mentioned sabotaging. It’s not an example. I’d like to understand how this sabotaging can look like. So far it is not clear to me if it is every possible.

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Ugh, what an example of poor sportsmanship and bragging. Sorry to hear that happened to you.


Did you read the rest of my post?

Hmmm, it appears @Kayo is now “sharing” his playbook with a select few :face_with_monocle::rofl:


Whilst this may be true we are perfectly capable of being unprepared and rubbish but with a side dish of puns all by ourselves :joy:


We had a “spy” join our alliance during a war after completing their war flags. After being part of our alliance for the last half of the war, they told us that they were a spy and that we had a really fun alliance. They asked if they could join on a permanent basis if they got bored with their alliance. We welcomed them to join if they wanted to. I have to admit, it did feel kind of wierd to have the “enemy” in our ranks for a while and it bothered some alliance members more than others. That being said, we are mid-level and have no particular secrets.


My former alliance is open. We had this happen maybe once since we were short of 30 members. I doubt they were able to provide any information that they could not already glean from looking at our roster. If you are really concerned, close your membership once the matching is underway and then open after the war. It’s a hassle, but you’ll have peace of mind that you have don’t spies in your ranks.

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I’m confused, is that the intended effect?

I would think if the intent was to unsettle they would be announcing it earlier not when the war is over. Doesn’t help to unsettle after the fact.

I called out this issue many many months ago. People scoffed and said “why would somebody do that? What would be the purpose?”

It’s not a new tactic, unfortunately. I’ve long been well aware of it, and tried in vain to warn others. I was brushed off as a kooky nutter.

People never listen to me. :roll_eyes:


We welcome everyone also!!

What we’ve done, we change to “invite only” when a war is coming up & change it back to “open” after the war.

It stinks that some players do it, but I’m sure there’s more than we think.

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The point of them doing it is so they can spy on your war strategy, benefiting their alliance.

Stating what they did AFTER the war is more a “Haha, look what we did” type of thing.


My immediate thought was exactly this. I don’t see what they’d possibly gain. I do agree that it’s poor sportsmanship though

Yeah, you’re :peanuts: pal, that would never happen :upside_down_face: (kidding)

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