So apparently alliance espionage is a thing now, because why not?

We had a new, low-ranking member join just after war matchmaking was complete. We thought nothing of it, because low-ranking members tend to have a lot of churn, and we welcome anyone (or at least we did…).

After the war, this toerag posted the following in our group chat, and I quote (including all grammar mistakes): “Hello guys, I want to add little something to your future tactics. Sometime its useful to have spy in opponents alliance. Like me)))) And good luck and good game to all of you!”.

I have screen shots of both the offending player and the alliance we were facing, which I will not post here, to avoid breaking the forum’s rule against naming and shaming, but IMO if there were ever a case where this rule could be broken, it’s this one. This game is supposed to be fun and alliances are supposed to encourage camaraderie. I don’t want to have to worry about whether every new addition to our alliance might be a spy. It also certainly violates the spirit of the whole “PlayApartTogether” movement.

We’ve since changed our alliance to invite only, but would have preferred not to.


Ask him what advantages he took from his spying.


I immensely detest that sort of thing, even in the world of gaming.

Setting to Invite Only is definitely a great way of stopping that sort of behaviour. I know you said that you’d prefer not to, perhaps set to Open in a week or so.

Thankfully this sort of thing isn’t happening all the time. The majority of us have gaming etiquette.

I am curious as to who won the war though, hope you guys kicked their butt!


Who won? Did he find any useful information?

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Great minds!



Unfortunately, we lost in the end.

I don’t know what advantage s/he reaped from this, if any, but we did do some strategy planning in the group chat, because not everyone in our alliance likes to use our Discord server. I never thought that would be a factor, and IMO it shouldn’t be.

We all feel kind of violated right now, but I’m sure we’ll be able to laugh it off soon.


That’s so stupid. I don’t see any benefit to doing that.

Once war starts you can’t adjust your defense team or anything like that.
Tell your real alliance “they are planning to attack now”. Like wow ok, guess they know that they’re being attacked now. What are they going to do with that information?


Agreed, they’re idiots for using that “tactic”. However it’s more principle than anything.


He did it for psychological purposes and it worked. :rofl:


I suppose if they knew during the war prep phase that @Chodaboy’s alliance planned on using coordinated tanks, a wave attack strategy, or some other tactic, they could spill that info to their home alliance in case coordinated tanks was something they never thought of or if they knew when and how their opponents were going to attack. Unfortunately, that can be a sad advantage especially if the two alliances are established and very close in power.


That’s sad you lost.

Hopefully you have success with your future wars and end up being stronger than them!

In all reality that alliance won’t get far - Karma is never far :wink::smiling_imp:


If wave attack and coordinated tanks aren’t something they thought of they should propably “spy” on the forum rather than on other alliances.
I suppose it could help if they are all like “my alliance is leading by 2000 points, guess I won’t use my flags” and then get rushed at the last hour, but if they are all planning to use 6 flags from the get go, knowing the enemy tactic won’t help.


Even coordinated tanks gain you nothing to know in advance. You don’t set your attack teams before war and if it’s a bad color for your alliance you can’t change that.

I am literally struggling to find ANY gain to this given you can’t control your own D. I think it is likely a ploy that makes them feel special with no impact, other than psychological, to you. They tried it once and won so now they always do.

Like a baseball player who didn’t double knot his left shoe once, hit a home run, and now never double knots his left shoe because of the “huge advantage“ it give them.

Sorry that happened though, it’s certainly not in the spirit of the game.


Maybe they can power level the right heroes to counter your defense teams?

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Possibly, but I would question that benefit too. If they were working on their best next hero based on how their teams performed previously that would probably have more value.

Also, I don’t know what level these alliances are at, but most people don’t have the digital and financial resources to power level a 4* or 5* hero for war. That’s takes a lot preplanning and logistics.

Plus, the fact they waited until the end you can attest @Chodaboy had no impact on how your alliance played I assume, correct?

The more I think about it the more I think they’re (or this one player at least) is just a D-bag human being and the more time people waste thinking about it here just proves their point.


Knowing coordinated tank colour brings no advantage; they’ll either have the characters to attack or counter, or they won’t. Unless they can somehow make RNG pulls favour them and level them up that quickly.

Knowing attack strategy brings no advantage; they can’t adjust their defences on the fly to counter. Except perhaps finding out new strategies they weren’t aware of. And NittanyLionRoar has a video explaining the common strategies they’ve seen, so those are public knowledge.

They can’t take away flags as they’d have to be in the alliance before the matchmaking process.

It’s not really a psychological ploy as they made that announcement at the end. All war participants would have attacked or not by then.

I agree with this bit, though I believe ‘technical’ language is more appropriate…


He was just trolling you and your paranoia took off. There’s no such thing as spies because there’s nothing to spy on and no benefit from pretending to be a spy.


That’s EXACTLY what a spy who didn’t want to get in trouble would say!



20 question marks.

Just making bad jokes, you’re good. Ignore me :+1:

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