So. Any advise

On how to beat a 20 emblem LiXiu without purple heros? Besides my stack-fast-heros-and-pray-for-a-good-board method, of course.

I go only 3-2, so I get one or another. Since yesterday, 3 times I crushed defenses with Liu full. My favourite formula, Grimm, Sonya, Triton, 2 Caedmon. If the flanks are green, then I replace blues with 2 Kelile and Falcon/Wilbur.


Def- is your best friend :slight_smile:

If she’s about to fire and you can’t KO her, then save your match to charge specials for the next turn. If you use it and she removes mana, you may be hard pressed next turn to find another match to charge your skill with.

This is the same way I fight Guinevere tanks myself too if I note she’s about to fire. Ofc sometimes the board will decide to combo into that match anyways :man_shrugging: you can only try your best and do so much

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Exactly like has already been said… basically stack another available color, except the weak color against her which is yellow. I also mostly go with a 3/2 color stack, which ones exactly depends on who I’m facing besides the tank. There are certain ones I favor though, in this tournament I’ve used Wilbur - Scarlett - Caedmon - Caedmon - Little John a lot. But if facing a red tank or red heavy team, I’ll change the green guys for blue for example, or maybe 3 red, 2 blue.

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I’ve always gone 3-1-1, but looks like a gotta try 3-2. Sonya-Grimm-Triton-Hansel-Caed. See if that works…

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