So, 8 months in and here we are

Hi guys, I’m new to the forum but I’ve been playing for about 8 months now and I would like some input on my heroes. Like, which heroes to prioritize and put emblems on and which heroes I should save my tokens for to try to pull them. I have 2 tc20’s running non-stop but so far no being too lucky with them (only Obakan out of approx 50 pulls).
I’m currently levelling Vlad-Obakan, Inari, Miki, Kingston and Sumitomo. Should I be?
So, I’ll just post my heroes and mats and I appreciate any feedback.

Miki yes yes and again yes
Inari is a niche hero, nice to have but i would wait for joon or any other yellow hero from tc20
Obakan is the lamest purple 5 star hero, again would wait for sartana or any other purple from tc20

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Lady of the lake yes, level up

Kingston yes for sure

Sumitomo, meh…only if you have nothing better to do…

I don’t for the moment

Thx for the feedback. So Kingston or LothL, who’s first?

Tough choice, you lack a fast 5 star sniper and a 5 star mana control/ healer tankish type - for me i would pick lady of the lake because there are many fast green snipers to choose from but few like lady

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Vlad sure, but I’d do (and did) Tiburtus instead of Obakan. Cyprian is probably a better option. Same goes for Sumitomo. Colen is soft, but I do try to get him out of the way early while Sumi is just there.

I feel like you should just finish the lady of the lake. 5 healers are hard to come by and she’s a very good one to have.

Yes to Miki and Inari. She’s a niche hero, but that attack stat is super high and in combo with lady that might be a frustrating situation if you put them together on defense.

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Imo, ascend Lady of the Lake asap! She is wickedly good once she gets going. If she is allowed to get three of her minions up, it is game over for whoever she is facing.

Start embleming Proteus as his mana stop is extremely valuable. Obakan is okay but imo if I wanted a hero with single counter attack on himself I would go with Sumitomo because at least when he gets hit, he gains more mana even though there are diminishing returns. Also cheaper mats to fully ascend. I would say stop Obakan once you get him to 2-60 and start work on Rigard and Tibs. As Rigard is one of the few 4 star healers that you will see in higher tier play. And Tibs mainly for defense down variety, and also his class ability makes him even more enticing to take against Riposteres because of the pierce ability.

For your blues, get Kiril #1 to 4-80 as he is invaluable in every area of the game. In a 4 star buff booster tournament where green is banned, he is king.


Thx Aunty.
Do you mean embleming Kiril as he’s already max at 4/70?

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@Waterman That’s My bad, I didn’t see that you already had an emblemed Kiril. I would say get Kiril #2 to 4-70 would be better off. And as for the preferred path for Proteus, go defense and health because you want him to be able to survive long enough to get one of his specials off.


Vlad is a turdburger, not even worth it for 3* tourneys. He’s basically worthless.


Lmfao well that would explain why, after playing for nearly a year, I can’t remember ever seeing him. This event might be the 1st I’ve ever gone against him tbh.

I don’t know if you will level 1 hero per color or 1 hero only.

1 hero / color:

Purple: Tiburtus, more useful than Obakan despite being 4*. You will be spending a lot in other heros.

Yellow: Inari She is the best yellow that you have. And already atarted with her. Get her to 3.70, then consider if she is worth the final ascension

Blue: Miki. Will make improve you in many areas.

Green: Lady, the 1st priority in your roster IMHO. You have worked hard on her already.

Red: I’d go for Kellile before Colen. But you may wait for something better from your TCs.
You have busy weeks feeding your heroes. I don’t know how is your economy. But having 2 elite 5* 1 more good 5* and other elite 5* green on the queue You could consider swapping 1 tc 20 for a feeder factory.

If you work only on 1 hero 1st lady, then miki, then kingston.

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Thx for all the feedback.
I’ve changed 1 tc20 for another tc11 (great advise), I’ve put all available wizard emblems on Proteus (he’s +8 now) and I’m gonna work on LotL and Miki together.
Thx again everyone :kissing_heart: