Snow white need to be faster or stronger

snow white need to be faster or stronger. to keep up in the game . she gets to weak to be a 5*

Wow and fillerrrrrrr

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Use her as she should be and she is a beast!

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a beast with a B score :ok_hand:

Either decide if you want to use the rating system or not. You can’t have it both ways.

You don’t wnat to use the rating system - you can’t quote from it as a retort to anyone.

You do want to use the rating system - how can you justify a B hero being made faster or stronger? Are you saying that all heroes need to be As in the game?

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The easiest way of using her is to have her either buffed or debuffed heavily or wait for the enemy to be heavily buffed or debuffed and then use her special skill. That’s how her effectiveness comes in.

If she’s made faster, she won’t necessarily be as great and the skill won’t have as much damage. Idk how to make her “stronger” since any buff or debuff she places on herself would easily be reset or removed anyway.


what are you saying?
i just think next to new hero’s she look weak nowing she take all the good and bad buff away to power up. so if she go off it need to be really hard.
for now she is a decent hero but i think she can have more power. compaired to other hero’s

Imagine her with Kiril, C Kiril, Frida and Richard. Those 4 buff and debuff Frida and Richard hit and kill 2 or 3… then Snow white comes in and devastates the rest.

Or imagine running her as an off-color insruance policy… if your main color(s) don’t come up and you are bombarded with debuffs/enemy loads up on buffs she can cleanse it all away and give a huge whack, allowing you time to recover.

She is awesome, as good as any current hero. You are lucky to have her


thank you for that info thas usefull

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i just got the feeling she always come just to late or to soft to make the difference. if you see a black night, sehat, killhear, frigg,… they dominate

I played Snow White from some point of time in 2019 to March 2020 when you could still play slow heroes against slow Kunchen and Aegir. She could esp. be played with buffs on own heroes. Introduction of Telluria made me switch to Malosi, as Snow White was too slow against mana delay from Telluria. With introduction of even faster and stronger defenses (e.g. Finley, Frigg, Odin, Ninjas) I have much more success in using fast snipers with two healers than using Snow White.

Snow White is still great for very fast mana speed tournaments and fun to play there.

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she’s a cool and unique hero its a shame to see here go to waist

Nah. She is “hip” for a slow hero. And her damage to all enemy based on the most number of buffs and debuffs and other status ailment would “hop” you to the next target.

Moved to here as ain’t a bug. Two good threads on snow white have a brouse…

She is one I would recall my mats on. I never use her. Have other blues that are better for my mono offense.

If you only go by ratings, you don’t need the forum to help you. You’ve already decided.

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whooo good info thx chabmo
its not judging by rating, just saying she dont meet up to here potential

She has a purpose. She’s not useable all the time but against a buff heavy team she’s a murderer. Going only by Anchor grades is a way to limit your progression.


I’d love to get Snow White. Can envisage her on a team with my Wilbur, JF, Mist and Baldur. Bye bye oppo.

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