Snow White is killed on Mitsuko’s shields [WORKING AS INTENDED -- changed in V25]

Yes and should change the category to “bugs and issues”

No, it´s not a paradox, Snow White removes all status ailments (venom, burn, life drain, etc.) and buffs (riposte, reflect, +attack, +defense, etc).

SW special is NOT a status ailment, it’s a removal which should work perfectly fine with Mitsuko.

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It is a negative effect though. Read again Mitsuko’s special :wink:


“All allies reflect all status effects and 115% damage from enemies’ Ice Special skills for 4 turns.”

This can be easily removed by Melendor or Sabina, and that is exactly what SW does.

Still not a paradox, sorry.

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Melendor or Sabina is not blue; SW is.


I actually went in again and they DID include blocking dispells from their protected color:

So yes, Mitsuko will not be affected by SW special.

Still not a paradox to me, but a great counter!!!

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@Scarecrow and @Sernarok

Glad to see it was sorted out :slight_smile:

Do note too that the special skill description for both Mitsuko and Ursena cards were updated to say “and blocks negative effects” :slight_smile:

Card as of V25 for Mitsuko for e.g.

Dispelling is included as a negative effect – aside Snow White, also means that Sonya and Frida can’t dispel either

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Should change the category though… I hope @Petri will see this.

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I knew “dispel” as just a removal of a positive effect rather than a negative effect by itself.

Good to habe the updated info though!!!

SW is BLUE hero mitsuko is TOTALY immune to magic attack of ICE special skill

is paradox because the card of white snow he says
she remone ALL magic status, and in the really
NOT remove ALL,do you understand me

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Friends, I can understand why you call this a “paradox”, but I think it could works following the rule about the “priority effect” of others game, like Magic the Gathering, Force of Will and so on. Let me explain what I’m saying:

  1. I have my Heroes with the mitsuko’s buff, which is active;
  2. opponent casts Snow White’s Skill, that will identifies out my Heroes and their buffs like its own “target”.
  3. in the very moment that Snow White’s Skill identified out a target (but BEFORE that it can solve its own effects), Mitsuko’s buff will activate its effect;
  4. resolving itself as a priority, mitsuko’s buff will reflect snow white’s skill (and relatives effects) against herself.

Following this rules, this seems logic to me.

What do you think about it?


@deltauno I see why you’re concerned about this behavior. It might help you to read here about when this issue came up between Ursena and Guinevere:


It is intended for Mitsuko’s skill to take precedence over Snow White’s.

This is wrong, she must shoot them like Kageburado! Urgent need to fix!

Mitsuko’s reflect is not considered a buff or status ailment if I’m not mistaken so this is working as intended.


What @voidstrike said. Nothing to urgently fix.

Doesn’t elemental reflect block dispels? If so, this would be working as intended since SW’s dispel would be blocked by Mitsuko’s reflect, and then the damage would also reflect back.


Yes, a dispel is considered a negative effect.

This gameplay balance change occurred on version 25:

Dispels and other negative effects weren’t blocked before, but that was the actual bug (and this fix had been long overdue).

Snow White is a blue hero, so she can’t dispel Mitsuko’s blue reflect – neither can Sonya nor Frida.

While we’re on the same line of thinking, that also means Vivica with costume, can’t dispel Ursena.


But I thought reflect can’t be dispelled only if it says “this effect can’t be dispelled” I always thought Mitsuko’s buff was dispellable…

By people other than Blue.

Melendor or Sabina or Evelyn etc… Can dispells it.

Just blues cannot (Frida, Sonya and snow white)

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Ah, so in this case if I had Kage and Snow against Mits I would fire Kage first to dispel the reflection then Snow.


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