📘 Snow White: Fables of Grimforest – Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

You can get that kind of boost from Khiona also… But I take your point.

With SW you just need some hero’s that give you multiple buffs - you can build the rest of your team as you like.

I’ve had my SW sat at 3.70 for some time… She’s good fun, but I’ve been wary of ascending more slows as battles tend not to drag on - on offence, Telluria is slowing down battles and keeping the team going longer, so maybe there’s hope…

Or let Snow White flank your Aegir tank along with Grazul…

I wish I have Khiona as well… But I’ll just work with what I have. Can’t wait to level my Telly!

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You’ll love her, she’s been great at slowing down attacks and making battles more tactical - she’s really added to the fun of attacking, for me.

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Gonna strip Justice emblem for her as well. I just regret that I didn’t get Vela. But it took me 200 pulls for Telly…

I didn’t get Vela either and I’m okay with that.

Isarnia (costume bonused but not wearing it) has been working great for me at flank so far… Better than Alice, infact.

One year and 4 months of playing still didn’t get me a Isarnia… This game is interesting at times.

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Once you get to a certain point she isn’t that valuable.

Alright reminder time guys:

Let’s maintain the topic at hand here which is a discussion of SNOW WHITE; for other discussions relating to Telluria & her team synergy/ defeat please look to these two threads:

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I have been using SW at 3.70 and find her to be one of the strongest heroes in the game now. Her slow mana is fully justified in that if you time it right her special basically annihilates the opponent. Slow mana should always mean game changer or ender, and in SW that is exactly the case.


She is the ultimate killing machine, beautiful and deadly, just give her buffs and protection and great things will happen :heart_eyes:

There are other lineups I have in mind (puss if I finally get him next month), but these work fine. :slightly_smiling_face::roll_of_toilet_paper:


Those lineups look like a nightmare with all the minions plus SW!

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I’m genuinely gearing up to ascend and max her now…
She’s held her own at 3.70, but my regular attacking teams are heavy enough on buffs that she’ll go nicely.

Down to two tomes at the moment, one of which is reserved for Locke (one more tonic to go!) and Snow White is leading the charge for the other… The other options are to go JF or Grazul, but my other blues aren’t any significant rush (Thorne or 1.1 Richard - don’t need second Isarnia and 1.1 Perseus just doesn’t interest me at all).


Just taken Snow White on a 3-2 war attack with Isarnia+8+C, Alice+1, Hansel and c-Melendor+19.

3.70 Snow White hit harder than that maxed and bonused Isarnia… And it’s not even the craziest buff/debuff-stacking team you could imagine either, fairly average really.

That settles it - she’s going to max.


Update… Sods law - pulled that Tonic tonight.

Locke ascended and will get rainbow fed until maxed.

Normally I feed colour specifically but when I have a 5* on last ascension they get power levelled ASAP.

Once she’s done, Snow White will get the same.



I love Snow White and think she could be one of the most powerful heroes in the game in the right situations. If you fire her off when your team or opponent is loaded with buffs, her hit is deadly.

She is currently at 3/70 and every time I consider maxing her, I get a new blue hero who takes precedence. The most recent example was Finley. I got him when I had 5 scopes. I got the next scope quickly and there wasn’t really a decision there. I maxed Finley right away.

Snow White seems right now to be kind of a luxury hero if you have scopes to spare.

I did this with Puss in Boots. I was loaded with rings and had enough to max both Puss and Black Knight. Puss comes in handy when I run a bunch of minion heroes.

Snow White is definitely in my queue for maxing blues. But I just got Alasie and there’s a new Season 3 blue that’s coming soon that looks interesting. So these heroes keep pushing her down the list


Same, Snow White has been next for the longest time but other heroes keep getting in the way.

Finley, Alice, Vela, Frida thoe are all options that are going before her although I’m dying to play with her.

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