Snow white doesn't remove reflect buff

Using Snow white against a team with Aegir and mitsuko, both had fired and I held snow white back to fire at this moment, she disappeared in a cloud of smoke and didn’t remove any buffs or status ailments, if she doesn’t remove these buffs can her card be reworded so as not to give great heartbreak to a guy who thought he had a game changer :grin:

Her card was reworded. See this topic:

EDIT: when you said “her card” I assume you meant Mitsuko’s card.


Looks like the Mitsuko reflect blue specials destroyed your snow white. If only Aegir had cast, you would have been fine I think.

Mitsy seems to become the top geisha against all those icy threats coming up.

+1 for Mits :sunglasses:


Thanks for this, I was more thinking of the blue dispellers cards to give you a heads up that they don’t work against colour specific, reflect status effects. Im probably just being a bit picky lol What would make me feel a million times better would be a Welsh flag pin pop up for purchase :slight_smile:

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