Snow White Bug

Hello there,
in Snow white card it says dispels or cleanses all buffs and status ailments. But it sometimes doesn’t clear all, especially C kadilens dodge buff or C elena counter attack from some heroes. Do i miss sth?

Krampus had active taunt therefore Snow White only removed buffs from him. Because taunt was removed she hit all enemies and died to counterattack on the rest.
Also c-Kadilen’s dodge works against anything, so she might dodge the effect of SW’s removal.

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Snow White dispels and cleanses all buffs and status ailments from both allies and enemies before delivering her AOE damage, which depends on the total number of buffs and status ailments are on both sides. The more buffs and ailments are on both parties, the higher the damage, up to 420%.

On the video, there are 30 total individual buffs and ailments on both sides, including Krampus’ Taunt and undispellable defense buff. When Snow White activated her Enchanted Edge, only the dispellable buffs on Krampus were dispelled including the Taunt, which prevented you from dispelling the buffs of his allies. This is evidenced by the “Protected” texts appearing on all except Krampus since his Taunt protected his allies. And since the Taunt was removed, damage was dealt to all. Problem is, all 4 of Krampus’ allies have riposte, thus killing your Snow White. Gullinbursti’s Angry Boar damage got activated when it was cleansed by the Enchanted Edge, dealing a uniform damage of 392 to each enemy. Snow White dealt damage to all enemy heroes variably (based on the defense stat of the defending heroes), ranging from 407 (damage obtained by Krampus) to 746 (damage obtained by costumed Elena).

I guess it is working as intended.

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