Snow White and Black Knight

I use snow white and black knight and I have faced a team with BN.
Both bn with active ability.
Snow White active: removes all specials from my team, only removes the opponent’s BN special.
Why? Shouldn’t he just remove the BN special, because he intercepts the removal of the other spells ??



The ‘target me only’ feature of BK is only for enemy attacks.

Cleansing, healinng or w/e by your own friendly hero will apply to every friendly hero.

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There really something wrong about it. Snow White has this:

Kageburado also has this:

Taking a closer look, both heroes appear to have dispelled the enemy buffs first (in the case of SW, both enemy and allies’ buffs and ailments) before doling out damage. It is sad to note that SW is affected by Mitsuko’s reflect when it should have been dispelled first as I believe Mits’ reflect is also a buff on her part and her allies. If Kage would hit Mitsuko with her active buffs, they are sure to be removed first before dishing out the damage. The same should have been made applicable to SW, her dispelling all buffs and status ailments from all allies and enemies as the first stage of her skill.

@Alb All allies of the enemy BK should have their buffs and status ailments removed first. Again, such dispel is the first stage of SW’s skill before her delivering her massive damage. Regrettably, that is not the case. May be the texts from her skills should be changed to something more accurate to what actually happens in the game.

As stupid as this is I believe it is because the Taunt of Black Knight specifically says:

“The Caster gets Taunt that prevents ENEMIES from using Special Skills on the Caster’s allies for 3 turns”

So because it explicitly says ENEMIES & Snow White was your Ally, the Taunt does not apply…

This also explains the effect/ outcome on the ENEMY Teams Black Knight/ Team Buffs.


OK, it could be. But it should remove Mitsuko’s special …

That’s a different one altogether.

Unfortunately Mitsuko BLOCKS all effects from Blue heroes & REFLECTS all damage and status ailments.

This means that the removal of buffs/ailments by Snow White is BLOCKED & the damage is REFLECTED.


Mitsuko cannot be dispelled by blue as her buff block non-status negative effect.

Yes. I understand that. It is what it is.

A bit off topic but what are ur thoughts of a BK/Telly combo? With maybe C.Magni, Seshat, & Joon, or some other combo of heroes??

Or maybe a BK/Kunchen combo that gives Kunchen time to load?? Maybe, any thoughts on either combo?

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