ℹ Snow White – 5* Ice/Blue from Fables of Grimforest

I don’t rely on Snow White as a cleanser/dispeller in the traditional sense (“get that off me” or “oh no you don’t!”) - I see her as a carpetbomber…

Status effects are necessary to create maximum carnage, you may want to bring multiple status effects of your own.

In maps/events I often bring Miki and Athena with her - fire both, use tiles for 3 turns and then unleash SW before the 4th turn. You could easily do similar with Raffaele (you don’t want to fire them simultaneously and lose the HoT).

Oh and as a sidenote (it’s niche and it’s not why you’d max her!)… You’ll never have more fun in any tournament than you do in rush when you can bring Miki and Snow White together. The control AND damage is unbelievable - in this week’s tournament, Miki + SW were absolutely wrecking Telluria tanks, even when they’re the wrong colour!

Definitely go for 3.70 and have a play - I think you’ll really enjoy her!
And you’ll definitely max her at some point once you’ve seen her in action!


wait,… what? :astonished: I was shocked, this is just like another Sprivale heroes side effect. I want to ask this, and I’m thinking that she does not clear buff on allies. But you already answered. Well… what a niche. Ok ok… and I didn’t notice her in event too lol :sweat_smile:

OK, I get it.

OK, this is like C-Rigs → C-Tibs → Killhare style.
Thank you @BubblesUK :+1: :muscle:

EDIT: this only applied for dispelable buff/aliment right? I hope she can also remove element link, and can result more devasting and avoid from brutal Finley :wink:

Yes, she removes positive and negative status effects from both sides… But not element links :frowning:

It’s a potential negative… It’s not quite springvale because it leaves you without buffs, rather than adding negative ones.

Having said that, if you time this right then you only lose say 1/4 turns of any given buff… And the damage if terrifying - it’s worth it!

If I go farming, and fire Wilbur followed by GKong, or Mok… Or Wilbur followed by SW - SW will do more damage.

Just done this now on 8-7 bosses (used Mel to dispel the spirit link for Kong’s hit to make comparison easier):

  • GKong (in battle attack stat 946) - 1041 and 1086
  • Snow White (in battle attack stat 977) - 1109 and 1159.

If I throw in another buff… Snow White hits even harder… So next time around I threw Kong’s AoE the wave before, so now I have another buff on top…

  • Snow White this time hit 1315 and 1273.

These are “first time” numbers, but you get the idea!
Remember also that in PvP or against 3 bosses, Wilbur’s putting out extra buffs so SW’s damage can get higher or lower with the same teammates! Equally, it can be less if you’ve lost one and so can’t buff that one.

Hitting around 30% harder than a pretty hefty AoE like Kong is pretty significant…
Yes you can boost him more with, say, Falcon and/or BT/BK. But you get the idea - and unlike regular AoE that will need setting up with specific effects to do high damage, you can use whatever status ailments you want to get SW going.

SW: Wilbur only:

Kong: Wilbur only:

SW: Wilbur + Kong buff:

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Another little thing to bear in mind… Her stats are on the high side.

So you get an almost S3 level of stats.

So… At 4.80+0:

  • Snow White: 756 - 747 - 1299. Power: 780.
  • Magni#2: 793 - 591 - 1334. Power: 754

You’d have to get Magni (no costume) to +7 to even achieve approximate parity in power rating terms.

(Edit: sorry @jinbatsu, this is post like)
To put that in perspective re: season 3…
Ratatoskr at +0 is 785 power, Heimdall is 784.
So you’d have to put a whole 1 emblems on Snow White to hit parity.


OK, thank you so much for the explanation and demonstration… I get it :+1:

Yes, I hope she is sturdy enough from one-shot sniper.
Now, Emblems,…
|No|Hero|Star|PLAN|Current Talent|Cost|
|5|Lady Woolerton|4|11|11|260|

Total emblems: 1585 including 35 in inventory.

I already strip my vivica+3, and I think SW will not be in my defense, maybe I would put some emblem on her about +7, after 2nd Mist+6. Well, after this new updates, emblems will come faster then before. Just let see…

Thank you @BubblesUK

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Oh and another fun sidenote…

In events etc, you can boost her damage through items that (if you’re like me) you have huge stockpiles of that you couldn’t empty if you tried, things like arrows, dragon banners, etc.


Just curious for your reasoning behind your emblem distribution…+6 and +11 on Mist and Woolerton seem arbitrary.

I would personally get Rigard to +18 and Woolerton to at least +15 before embleming SW. You want to max the manashield on Woolerton she has the maximum chance to prevent her own mana block.

Just pulled Snow White on 3rd and final summons after finishing Legendary.

I like the reviews on her and she was certainly tough to fight against. POV will give me 6th scope and only have C-Richard at 3.70 and Raffaele at 2.40 right now. Pretty easy to put SW over Richard but haven’t done much research on Raffaele?

Another decision is emblems have Ariel at node 14 as Center Tank on Def and Kuchen that she replaced at node 12 still. I like using these 2 in my top 2 War Teams and would be hesitant to strip him of emblems.


Cleric optimal def/hp path step on that numbers.

The 1st Rigard is focused DEF/HP on Regular path, so I stop at +18 (which is his optimal Def/HP route). The 2nd Rigard is focused DEF/HP on Costume path, so the optimal Def/HP is at +17.
The 1st Rigard emblems was already applied before costume existed, later I would plan to re-arrange with Def/HP costume route path and only put him +17, so I can put emblems for another clerics.

I always pair her with Poseidon, that’s why I did not focus on her mana problem for now.

She’s sturdy enough, here’s mine, had her on War d for long time too :fox_face:


Ah makes sense for wars. I was thinking more in terms for 4* tournaments but I guess you probably won’t be using her for rush attack or blood battle anyways.

I personally prefer to consolidate emblems so I only bring heroes to +18 or don’t emblem at all. But I’m tryna improve my tournament heroes since top1% in tournament is giving so many emblems now.

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Interesting that you chose def and Hp for node 16 and 17. I woulda thought you would go attack and def for node 16 and 17 b/c you chose all other attack nodes.

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I wouldn’t give Woolerton any…

Thought she was underwhelming on release. Maxed because consensus was that she’s useful - she’s not, really.

Perhaps I’m too far into the game for her, but I find her just as underwhelming as I expected her to be - tried emblems, nope, stripped.
Sits completely unused.

But then I have Delilah, too, so I’d never pick Woolerton in a 5* allowed arena…
And in 4* I’d rather use Gullin, even at slow.

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she was meant for war d for a long time, so i chose a balanced path :fox_face:
War d till we switched to green tank in summer, sometimes JF in too:


I like @jinbatsu’s Woolerton + Poseidon combo, but I agree, I wouldn’t give her emblems as well. She’s fast so she’ll likely have a chance to fire if you get an average board.

@jinbatsu Maybe strip Woolerton and give those emblems to SW?

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She hits so hard it’s obscene. She needs a nerfing far more than Telluria or Vela

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Out of my 7 maxed ice legendary, she was the fifth to ascend, before Vela and Miki whom I got on their month of release as HOTM. The reason I am not placing Vela and GM on defense ever since. Obtained her last year and here she is on my defense:

My other emblems are with my 2 Rigards, one emblemed to +10 defense and health path on the original version, the second Rigard emblemed to +10 defense and health path on the costumed version. Other emblems are with Lady Woolerton. Still won’t be spending 125 cleric emblems on SW’s 19th node (either the +2 crit bonus or the +2 mana bonus), much less the 20th node healing bonus.

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Nah. Like all ice heroes, they are prone to Mitsuko’s reflect. SW is no different. She is being slow mana already, ideal for her to compound all status effects for her to deal massive damage to all enemies.

But doesn’t Snow White REMOVE all status effects first and then drop her hammer?

Edit: Meaning Mitsuko’s reflect is wiped, so doesn’t work against SW?

Nope, anything the blue hero’s skill to do with those under Mitsuko’s reflect will NOT take effect as it is her skill’s nature to reflect whatever they are trying to do to heroes under Mitsuko’s reflect.

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