ℹ Snow White – 5* Ice/Blue from Fables of Grimforest

Yes if dispelled by blue it is still reflected by Mitsuko.

Since V25, the card description on Mitsuko and Ursena is update:
“… and blocks other negative effects …”.
Dispell is a negative effect, so it is reflected.

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That’s good to know! Thanks! But I’m pretty sure I’ve dispeller Mits with Sonya before…maybe that was before the change? Granted, I don’t see Mits on defense much.

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correct,… initial release dispell was blocked, then V18:

Fixed a bug where Mitsuko’s Element Mirror prevented dispelling buffs.

then, V25, back to the initial release with additional clear description.

I recently learned the hard way that Sonya does NOT dispel Mits’ reflect—she just kills herself lol


What about the Hatter? I think he steals her effects though

Damn you @vanZille, I’m sooo jealous!! (Totes jeal in Oz vernacular)

This is crazy making! 3 Red Hoods and no Snow White!

Yessss… I actually think that’s good. And I don’t have Mitsuko. Makes her more valuable. Reflect a certain colour is one of my favourite skills.

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When maxed out with all buffs, Snow White is the hardest hitter in the game–

AOE damage
1 Snow White (16 or more dispels) 3175.2
2 G. Owl (all allies KO’d) 2854.75
3 Ursena (HP>50%, yellow) 2766.4
4 Mok-Arr (yellow) 2593.5
5 Killhare 2223
6 Isarnia (costume equipped) 2215.95
7 Sir Roostley (if all enemies adjacent) 2178.4
8 Quintus (default, costume maxed) 2117.75
9 Quintus (default, no costume) 2016.9
10 Rumpelstiltskin (skull card) 1979.1
11 Atomos (enemies with full mana) 1979.1
12 Ursena (HP>50%, non-yellow) 1976
13 Isarnia (default, costume maxed) 1966.95
14 Vela (red) 1894.65
15 Quintus (costume equipped) 1889.4
16 Isarnia (default, no costume) 1872.95
17 Mok-Arr (blue, red, green) 1852.5
18 Glenda 1788
19 G. Kong 1729.2
20 Elena (default, maxed costume) 1715.88
21 Elena (default, no costume) 1634.18
22 Azlar 1625.65
23 Horghall (default, maxed costume) 1621.15
24 Horghall (default, no costume) 1543.95
25 Zeline (blue) 1529.528
26 Anzogh 1500.7
27 Horghall (costume equipped) 1485.65
28 Justice 1461.6
29 Elena (costume equipped) 1453.4
30 Grimble 1445.25
31 G. Owl (all allies alive) 1412.35
32 Snow White (no dispels) 1360.8
33 Ursena (HP<50%, yellow) 1330.42
34 Kadilen 1322.4
35 Marie-Thérèse 1300.32
36 Vela (non-red) 1114.5
37 Zimkitha 1106.7
38 Neith 1102.5
39 Atomos (enemy with zero mana) 1099.5
40 Zeline (non-blue) 1092.52
41 Yunan 994.98
42 Red Hood 954.99
43 Ursena (HP<50%, non-yellow) 950.3
44 Saint Nick 927
45 Telluria 796.9

Simply devastating. I love taking a blue mono team with Snow White against Aegir tanks. Just keep feeding tiles into him until he fires, and watch them disappear when you fire Snow White. She is great.
this list is a little dated, as it is pre-Vela nerf, and not sure if the Mok-Arr and Kong updates are included. I love both of them as well, BTW. If I had Killhare, that would be an overkill AOE team!


I’m surprised to see Rumplestiltskin in the top ten there tied with Atomos. Interesting. Do you know if that includes the DoT or is that just the initial hit damage? If not then there’s still 570 damage to go if all 5 opposition heroes are left (provided of course a cleanse doesn’t happen) which makes that skull card a big hit.

Not sure if that includes DoT. Some of the stats are not up to date with a few of the new buffs. Wish I could find who put together the list and if there is an updated one with newer heroes!

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here is the table of status effect so far…
:bookmark_tabs: Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks

So, It should include Status Effect buff and ailments that are dispellable and cleanseable.
DoT is status effect ailment, it is included.

EDIT: missunderstand the question, see below by @Palms .

Sorry @jinbatsu but are you referring to Rumplestiltskin or Snow White? @AnomanderRick answer to my question was in regards to Rumplestiltskin total damage including DoT or not in the list above. Thread is for SW but I was surprised to see Rumple in top 10 for aoe hitters (at least for whenever that list was put together). Was wondering if that list included DoT in his total damage.

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OK, you refer the hit all by @AnomanderRick , if this is included DoT or not, I think it is not included.
See more in this thread:
:notebook: Direct Raw Damage - Hit all Enemies

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SW is currently 3/70 waiting for last scope from POV. I use 3/2 attack, plan was to pair her with kiril and C kiril to max her hit and survivability. Anyone tried this, all feedback about this would be nice. Initial plan was to use myztero but he won’t be getting items anytime soon.

I would suggest adding wilbur, if he fires you max snow white’s special by itself.

I went ahead and gave her the mats. It was either her, Glenda or Perseus.

still happy with your choice? also thinking to give her the mats, with fenrir, misandra and glenda being in the pool as well… still unsure, changing my mind daily, but wanna pull the trigger next week after my valhalla pulls…

She’s not maxed out yet so i have not been using her. I needed the slow heroes. I have Fenrir and Misandra maxed. You have a tougher decision to make. I used the mats also so i wouldn’t get tempted to pull for Kraken lol

I used snow white against Krampus and not much happened. Is there something I don’t understand or bug? Screenshot_20210218_183644_com.smallgiantgames.empires|241x500
Didn’t cleanse or do much damage

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