Sneaky War Team...Thoughts?

I’m in a casual mixed alliance so both us, and our opponents, range from 2500-4000TP, with most having very shallow benches. I’ve been toying with the idea of using the following team on defense.

The thinking is that it will be very hard for inexperienced opponents to design a team that can kill it without a) overkill, meaning they’ve wasted good hero’s or b) underkill, meaning wasted flags. It will top out at around 3000 TP, but with the family bonus and the emblems I’ll use on Gaderius it will be sneaky good on defense. Or will it?

Seems like it would attract the low 3k tp players, those without 5*, that definitely can’t take down a 3500 defense, so they might try me. And as we all know, those are the type that will throw all their flags at one target, despite poor results.

Interested in everyone’s thoughts. Thanks in advance.

P.s. Obviously I will replace the 3* with Poseidon and Ariel, soon as I pull them next Atlantis😜


Interesting thoughts. My initial reaction was that it would be much more formidable with 4* in-family members on the corners. I’d say my experience raiding is that there are several major exploitable weaknesses in defensive formations. Having an unbalanced is one of them. That is, I generally find a team at, say, 3,500 with all equally leveled / talented four stars harder than a team at the same number with a mix of five and three stars. The weaker members tend to be too susceptible to dying and / or just don’t hit hard enough to be a serious threat.


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