Sneak peek of the refreshed Pirates of Corellia event* New Heroes

***Can’t wait for these new Heroes Marguerite & Finley
***I hope Marguerite is a Holy 5 star and Finley is also Blue 5 star

*Announced by the @staff in #news-announcements

edited by zephyr1 to add link to announcement


Marguerite is most definitely Tia Dalma (a.k.a. Calypso) from Pirates of the Caribbean and I love the developers for it.


Will the old pirates heroes still be available? @Petri @Garanwyn @Rook @zephyr1

Thay all are inspired from Pirates of Carribean so far :slight_smile:

yes they will. they updating and upgrading. NOTE event is just removed from rotation to be tinkled with.

Finley reminds me a lot of Guliver’s charachter in one version of Gulliver’s Travels which I currently read to my son.

I suppose, but the others are far removed from their onscreen counterparts. Marguerite actually looks like Tia Dalma and is alive, unlike all the others.

Marguerite / Tia Dalma / Calypso is a God / celestial being of the sea. her papa is Atlas. why do she even needs to be undead?


Thanks @zephyr1 *20 CHARACTERS

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hope they work in some buffs for the old heroes, looking a bit outdated at the moment

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everything under Wonderland and Atlantis is outdated. needs buff.


I was fairly certain the AMA mentioned some event 3*

I could be wrong, but I feel like Finley was 3*

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why add 3s? when they can add more 5s to grabs everyone’s munnies.


Based on that we can than expect her to be 5* Ameonna.

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well calpso is a sea god and finley is a captain or commander. they are definitely 5*s. my strong guess.

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I have to say that design of heros (after disaster with season 2 enemies) is improving.


Finley looks liek a character from a Fable game

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I like Finley’s drawing… he looks interesting. Would be awesome if his special was Swashbuckling Deals x% damage to targets and nearby + Reflects all damage for x turns" something like that. Not just a “counter” but an actual reflection of damage.


Great art outlooks, Finley looked “ice”, while Marguerite looked “dark”, “Marg” now if the name stays the same, we have to be sure to write it full so it doesn’t get confused with Margaret. It would be nice if both are 5*s.


ahem. skill name Commodore’s Revenge:FAST: thats all i can say or find


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