[SNEAK PEEK] New Buildings Approaching!

Edit (3 June): Corrected screenshot of Advanced Buildings (added windmill blades for the Advanced Farm).

Adventurers, are you ready to expand your Empire further? As we hinted in our earlier Sneak Peek for 2019, new buildings are approaching! As you might have heard, we are currently beta testing the first new building - Hunter’s Lodge . The plan is to release new buildings gradually. We are happy to announce that we are now approaching the release! Read further to learn more about the new buildings:

Hunter’s Lodge & Advanced Buildings


  • Stronghold level 21 will be added, which is required to unlock the ability to build new Advanced Buildings
  • Hunter’s Lodge is the first brand new building
  • Advanced versions of the existing resource buildings will be added: Advanced Mine , Advanced Iron Storage , Advanced Farm , Advanced Food Storage, Advanced House .
    • These will be more efficient versions of the existing buildings. Advanced House additionally trains new recruits.
  • Hunter’s Lodge unlocks crafting of new powerful battle items. The new battle items are crafted with Titan Parts that can be gained as loot from defeated Titans. Titans will drop Titan Parts when the new Giant Harpoon item is used in a battle against them.
  • The amount of Giant Harpoons used by the entire Alliance affects the amount of Titan Parts gained.
  • ETA: We are hoping to release Hunter’s Lodge & Advanced Buildings in the upcoming update (version 22)!

Alchemy Lab & Hero Academy

Details shown in the screenshot are subject to change

  • Two of the most frequently requested buildings on our Community Forum are finally coming to Empires & Puzzles!
  • We want to launch Hunter’s Lodge first and follow the feedback on it, before proceeding with the Alchemy Lab & Hero Academy.
  • We will share more details on these buildings late summer. The current plan is to release Stronghold levels 22-25 and the two new buildings before the end of 2019.