[SNEAK PEEK] Dragons, Sneak Peek timing, and Birthday rares! 🐉

Hi folks,

This is the season when we usually share some glimpses at our plans for the year ahead. For 2024, we’re changing it up a little. Our flagship feature this year is going to be the long-awaited "Dominion of Dragons" (working title)!

As we’ve already teased this addition in previous sneak peeks, we want to offer you something more this year. We’re kicking that off this week with some snappy video clips to give you a taste of the new Dragon experience. The Dragons are not quite camera-ready just yet, so the full sneak peek will be published next month, before E&P’s 7th birthday celebrations.

Speaking of the upcoming birthday, we’re adding 3 extra Rare Quests during the anniversary week so our players will be able to earn Ascension Materials every 2 days for a 10-day stretch! The Quest dates will be Feb 26, 28, Mar 1, 4, 6.

To whet your appetites and to make up for the delay with our full sneak peek, we’ve switched on a surprise extra rare quest today.

Here’s the first video, tune in for another one tomorrow!