Sneak peak Season 2?

Is it me being not properly awake yet or…is this a bit strange?


@PlayForFun did some adjustment to that thread and that made the topic to bump as the latest post in the category. :grin:


Haha ok thanks… :innocent: for a moment I thought it had to be a sneak peak for S6 :sweat_smile:

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I just saw it now & also found it confusing.

Wrong joke is a Christmas not Prima Aprilis

Yes I’m guessing it’s because of the changes done in thread, also got another merge thread notification :rofl:( round 4 costume related) :smile:

Yea, he just fixed the tag and that bumped it back at the top.
Petri also fixed a typo on another one two weeks ago and it bumped it back at the top too:

You can actually see the change history by clicking on the crayon at the top right of the post :+1:

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I think they remade the S2 map and we can collect the coins again by completing the new map Lol.

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But I don’t want to do S2 again…ugh

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I thought it was a 2023 sneak peak :rofl:


i was hoping it will be refreshed coin to claim from stages :sweat_smile:

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My thoughts exactly…


Sorry everyone.
It was my fault that it ended up to the top.

Earlier I have discussed it with Staff that I will go over the tags, and merge duplications and get rid of some unused ones.

We had #s2, #season2 and #season-2 earlier.
All other seasons having #season-1, #season-3, … as a format.
So I went to keep #season-2.

This sneak peek had #season2.
Unfortunately I noticed that this topic was at #news-announcements section, and it has this side-effect (moved to the top) after I saved my change.

I hope Staff will forgive me if this adjustment (on this Sneak Peek topic) was beyond what I am allowed to do on the forum.
(I have already sent a pardon message to them right after I made the change)


And now we want free coins for that mistake :crazy_face::crazy_face:


Here are some for everyone :slight_smile:
You have few days to claim it at


I already got that but thank you for remind us. It was a nice surprise :).


Season 2 remake, perhaps?

Check here, @PlayForFun did some edits

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It seems Petri could fix this, and now this Sneak peek went down to it’s original location :slight_smile:


I really got my hope up wishing for more stages

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