Sneak peak at new HOTM(Natalya)?

Anybody want to drop a sneak peak of
Natalya to the rest of anxiously awaiting empire and puzzles nation :wink:

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@coppersky @Rook perhaps split off the Natalya posts from this thread?


Wow. Hawt and kinda risque. Interesting.

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Many will want her.
Coz of the 700 damage, of course.


I’d take her if she looked like a troll and did only 1 damage.

It’s all about the mana control.

On the aesthetic side, not sure if it’s the nails or the eyes but not a fan personally… can swipe Tinder and find those I think are more appealing frankly.


I’ll allow her Russian collusion lol

I’d like to see her total damage against a nature enemy. -54% mana? Yikes!

207 vs 249. Not Green vs Green… 20% increased damage with a caveat: looks like she might get buffed by troops at least against green targets, 18% = 249 vs. green, 4% = 220 vs green; Ares buff didn’t affect damage so not sure and listed damage was right on the not green. I can’t test with a 0 attack troop apparently anymore, since it picks highest available I’m kinda sort of stuck unless I whack most of my troops and run more reds than ones left I guess.

Also note my listed damage is 828 not 700 on the card, not sure about that.

Starting to agree with the proponents that suggest she be given an initial strike damage, would be nice sometimes to finish off a hero with her rather than just the dot component (vis a vis when Magni is about to cast heh from low health and no tile matches available).

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By not having an initial strike she can freely attack perfect riposte. Very niche, but an advantage


unless she is paired with Perseus her damage over time will be negated by Ares or Alberich. if anything the Devs should up her total damage to 1000. or make the first very fast mana with her original DOT 700

Not being affected by damage-increasing buffs is a big downside of those flat-damage heroes like Nat or Locke (that’s how it works, right?).

I know they also don’t get affected by defense, which is an upside, but I’m not sure if it comes out positive or negative in the end. If Nat’s damage is scaled down to accomodate for ignoring defense, then she might be suffering from being unaffected by buffs. How does she compare to heroes who do get buffed? Marjana, Sartana, Lianna, Joon?

Thats a really interesting point.
I think like Revelate that her force reside in her mana control (so really good for raids and boss), but not having her special boost, and even restart the damage if she hit the same target too early seems really inconvenient, expecially for a fast mana hero.

I want 1 she looks strong an ibet she’ll fit in my team

@Elpis Right?! Why would someone flag you for stating the obvious. I would worry she might catch cold. Someone get her a cloak. Lol

Apparently people fear the truth.
So i devoted myself to the purple unicorn :unicorn:


So long as the truth doesn’t violate Forum Rules… :face_with_monocle: :grin:

For me it’s definitely the “eyes” :wink: Think she had them surgically enhanced?

I dig her power, not her look. Unless of course they are considering renaming the game Hooters and Puzzles…


this is how u kill alberich

Are we sure the card picture doesn’t violate forum rules? :wink: