Snails pace with troops

Any tips on how to level up troops faster? Am I missing a way to build them? My gosh it is slow to randomly be awarded a troop.

Same as heroes…feed them the same color x10, the higher level troop the more exp it gives. It takes a long time and a lot of food to level troops.

Troops do take a long time to level.
As you already know, can only be acquired from map, quests, event stage drops randomly, daily summon tokens, and troop tokens, and finally purchased through shops.

Unlike heroes, you can only use the same colored troops to level each other. Fortunately, also unlike heroes, there is no cap in the amount of troops you can hold in your inventory. There has been talks and suggestions by players to request troops to be trainable, but nothing has come about.

There is a slight caveat for troop leveling that would see more benefit for doing 10x leveling, since each troop level has its own requirement of food consumption, regardless of the troop level you are using to feed, as long as the initiating point is still within the lower level, you will be using the same resources for the other troops used in the same session.

For example, a level 6 4* troop costs a total of 1075 XP to go to level 7, you can get the troop all the way up to say a hair before it hits a level up (e.g. next troop regardless of level will push it to next level), collect a total of 10 troops (like 10x 3* troops, if you have the patience and the stock) and feed in one session, you can use the current level food consumption (e.g. at level 6) to save on food needed and get a good start into the XP of the next level, but if you feed the one troop that gets you to Lv 7, you will need spending the food required at level 7.

Being F2P, I am almost at an excess of food, so I usually feed troops as I get them so I can offload some ham from my storage.

There’s no particular merit in feeding troops in batches, with one exception:

Suppose you have a huge stash of feeder troops and finally draw that 4* troop you’ve been holding them for. How do you use them and your food most wisely?

  1. Use the 1* first (feed from the bottom). Food cost per feeder rises as the level of the receiving troop rises. So you want to minimize the number of feeders used at the higher levels.
  2. Bring the target troop just up to, but not over, the level required. Then feed a batch of ten. All of these ten will be charged food cost of the starting level of the troop, saving you a chunk of hams.

Wish i would’ve known that 2 years ago when i started playing. :cry:

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