Smoked Out Gamers: It's Not What You Think

What do you do when you want to take down titans, have fun in wars, and maintain access to Ascension items through the abovementioned activities – but you just can’t be that intense? Where do you go when you have a life off the phone that you love, but you still take pride in your damage output?

You consider Smoked Out Gamers. Contrary to the stereotype that the name evokes, we all have jobs and relationships that are important to us, sometimes more than the game. We still hit the titan 3x or more daily, we participate in war with martial glee, and we have no ambition to be in the top 100 alliances. Most of us are veteran PC and console gamers who have been there, done that, and now are enjoying the ease and accessibility of a phone game with a great community.

We are currently 20 strong. We’ve weathered a change in leadership, focus, and style. Several members are active military whom we won’t kick just to kill a titan or win a war. That can be seen as a limitation, which is a completely understandable perspective! It’s just not ours.

Despite our lack of numbers, we still take down 6* titans regularly and the occasional 7*. With just a few more regular players, regular 7*s are easily in our reach. We constantly level our teams and we will only continue to improve.

We are half US with a Kiwi leader and mates from Europe as well, so there’s usually someone on any time of the day or night. We aren’t always very chatty but we are often hilarious. We have recipe swaps over Facebook and Line.

Will you hit the titan 3x or more daily? Will you delight in squashing our war opponents? Can you commit to leveling at the pace you can sustain without burning out or burning bridges? Will you be patient when Blueberry74 types without vowels and forgets punctuation? Or groan when Deadpool makes terrible puns? Can you handle the occasional stream of bad words about a particularly horrible raid? Will you be respectful of other people even when you disagree?

If so, please contact FP@fm Juanita or Keesa on Line to see if we are the right mix of participation, self-motivation, chill, and cheesecake recipes to enhance your E&P experience.

Thank you for your consideration.