Smiling female heroes

Dear Developers,

We got at least a couple of smiling men in the game such as Kirill, Buddy, Richard, Gormek etc. Where are the smiling females?

Could we please have some smiling females. (And more smiling males as well). Rather than evil looking and/or mythical creatures. Would be nice if they are good looking too.

Thank you

Ameonna is one smiling female that comes to my mind. Maybe Elena? At least a kind of smiling. But not really much…

Here are a couple from my roster who are smiling:

(Maybe a stretch but i vote Marj is smiling)

Animal faces but still look smiley

Couple evil grins:


Thank you for a quick answer.

I wouldn’t call Evelyn, Li xiu, Margaret & Marjana smiling. I haven’t got Elena, but I agree she is smiling.

The others are mythical creatures, some of which looks quite scary.

The 2* 1* I have already fed to higher heroes.

I think there is an even mix of smiling and not smiling female heroes. Here more

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I can’t be the only person who thinks this is a sexist request, right? You want more smiling women and it “would be nice if they were good looking too”?

This whole thread should be deleted.


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