Smallest Titan leftovers

I just left the following. sigh. had a blue march under the weak spot just as time expired. Was a 33k hit in a 12 but not quite enough. should’ve eaten my Wheaties. post your closest amount left on titan.


Last year i left 200 around (ran out of time sigh). Sorry don’t have a screen.

PS: Always like to see your insane score’s on titans or whatsoever :smiley:

How many hits per member on this new titan Dante?

I don’t have a photo of it. It was a couple days ago and it was 1,000 :frowning:️ I wanted to cry

the two 11s I think I got 4. The 12 above I got 5 on. Some of the folks above leveled as well. 32.5k average on a 12…good for me since I don’t have ares or athena (or isarnia).


No picture and it was a 6* I believe, but we had it left at 100 after my attack

Just awesome! You guys do a good job as always! Really. And we still struggle on a 9* , but it’s too much with some newer players. So we let pass them and starts with 7-8* again.

This need some time, maye in one or two months and we will beat our first 9*

Yup. Slow and steady growth. My alt is the same way - our alliance (Insurrectionists) got massacred last month by a 10 and couldn’t beat consecutive 9s, but 30 days later we beat our first 10 and multiple 9s in a row.

Not really close, approximately 5k left, but I think it feels worse (at least for a little while) when a Titan escapes with less than 3k HP left, and you see that you had alliance members who could’ve done it in if only he/she had just as much as breathed on it.

Checked out. Looks also nice.

That‘s ours:

We are 16k behind yours.

wow this one takes the cake. with 3 mins left!!


38 points… :worried: after a hit of 48000+

Wow… What’s going through the mind here for someone who sees this?

  1. Quick, who else has one extra AE to spend to deal 2 damage?
  2. Quick, who else "wants’ to spend one AE to deal 2 damage?
  3. Quick, do I have any flasks to refill to finish off this Titan?
  4. Quick, am I “really” thinking about spending a flask to deal 2 damage?
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apparently they were all waiting to take turns so it got dealt with…but biggest suck ever if that one got away…

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After my hit I see that he is not dead…
Did 28K dmg with my hit but the last 46 where not given for me…

Not a winner in this thread but a nice decent second spot :laughing:

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