Smallest team size allowed for AW- minimum alliance members needed or can solo alliances go to war?

So I’ve recently left the first alliance I joined. I just want some time not having to worry about other people’s drama getting in the way of my fun.

With this said, I’m playing solo and created my own alliance just so I can hit the titans. My war score is high enough to participate in AW… but isn’t there a minimum requirement for alliance size, or will I be matched with other solo players?


I am in a solo alliance and have been for 2 months. You will be matched against solo alliances or alliances where only one person has opted to play AW. I love it personally. You probably won’t be able to beat more than. 2 -3 * titans by yourself though.


Thanks! Yeah, I just finished off my 3rd titan. It was 2*. I have already figured I won’t get far with titans solo but until I join up again, it will satisfy the itch. Thanks again!

@StealthNinja already answered your question and gave some insight, but I wanted to also tag a forum regular who was flying solo for a while until just very recently joining a group alliance.

@Jedon any insights from your one man army alliance, and fighting in Wars?


Thanks for tagging me buddy @zephyr1
Well I used to be solo player, don’t worry dear OP you will have fun there, war not requires any thing.
You will get opponent just based on your war score and a solo opponent too, there is too many solo players.
Enjoy brother.


You’re welcome, thanks for responding! No :heart: for this one…out of them as usual.


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